What if you realize that moving abroad was a mistake?

Many people are dreaming about moving to another country. But, what if moving abroad was a mistake? How much time is needed to adjust to a new environment and when its time to consider moving back to your home country? When is the right time to contact a moving company and to move back home? What to do in that case? Should you give yourself a little bit more time?

How to realize that relocation was not the best choice? Almost every person is questioning this after moving. You are not the only one, trust us. How to adjust after moving to another country and to make it easier? DOn’t quit too fast, give yourself enough time to get used to a new lifestyle.

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    Moving overseas to another country is exciting, but after a while, you may feel it was a mistake
    Expect to spend 6-12 months to adjust, don’t rush things. New language, culture, food, different people, it will take time to get the feeling you are home. Keep an open mind and try new things.
  • Avoid long-term commitments for at least six months – make short hops, not big steps.
  • It is normal to lose contact with some of your friends after moving overseas. Don’t get surprised or sad about it. It is not a reason to move back.
  • Learn about their culture and tradition. Also, improve the language they are speaking. Make new friends and you will learn it faster. Meet your neighbors, go out with your co-workers, say yes to new things, etc.
  • After a while, get involved with local activities and you will become part of the community.
  • Plan a trip back home to visit your family and friends after you settled in. It is normal to feel nostalgic after moving to another country, especially if you are alone there. Don’t think that moving abroad was a mistake if you feel sad, it is normal.

What if moving abroad was a mistake?

What if after a year or two you still have a feeling that this relocation was a huge mistake and that you are not happy there? You have found a job abroad, but that’s not it. If you have tried everything and you have spent enough time in a foreign country, and that is not it – don’t panic.

A girl thinking that moving abroad was a mistake.
Don’t panic or be depressed if things didn’t work out as you think they will.

Tell your employer that moving abroad was a mistake and if they can send you back home to work from there? If it is not an option, try to get a job in your home country. Contact companies and send your CV. Try to find a new job and moving back home will be less stressful. You need to listen to yourself and your inner voice. At least, you have tried to live in another country and you have more experience now. Look at the bright side of the situation.

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