Why you should consider Monterey, CA if you’re relocating to the USA

If you are relocating to the USA, then your best choice just might be California. Monterey County and the town of Monterey particularly stand out for newcomers to the USA and families. You should know that the whole county has so much to offer to anyone venturing to the USA. It is close to San Francisco and San Diego but the whole area moves at a much slower pace and offers more peace and quiet. To move here you must get to know the area. So, we can help you find out just why you should consider Monterey.

Monterey the county and town – what to know

Monterey is a great place to visit and have fun. However, the area attracts a lot of people, particularly families. There are a lot of reasons for such trends so read up on your new destination. First of all, Monterey is a lot cheaper than the neighboring cities and this is certainly one of the reasons why you should consider Monterey. The whole county is home to about half a million people and the lifestyle here is much slower and quieter. The town of Monterey itself has around 30.000 inhabitants.

A beach in Monterey County as one of the reasons why you should consider Monterey.
You can enjoy untamed beaches and nature in the area

Monterey offers a suburban and urban feel and mix. A lot of professionals, families, and retirees decide to settle here. Here are some facts that can explain why they choose Monterey and what you should also know and consider about the town:

  • Real estate is more expensive than the California average
  • High household income
  • The job market is strong and unemployment is low.
  • Salaries are higher than average
  • Living cost is also higher than the average

Important facts

Living expenses and housing are above the California average but that is not the whole story. The living expenses and housing fluctuate between the towns and cities in the area. There are plenty of places that are more affordable than the bigger cities in the area. You will be able to find more affordable living conditions. Since your international move will be expensive you should take this into account when planning your moving budget and hiring mod-movers.com to handle your relocation.

Monterey is very well connected by public transportation. Traffic is also not that bad. and it has a regional airport that connects it to other locations in the US. The weather is fine with a lot of sunny days. Bad weather will not ruin your days in Monterey. At the same time, it provides good conditions for outdoor activities. Many tourists and residents enjoy the weather and nature in the area. Breathtaking views and beautiful nature are a whole mark of the area. You can also plan for visiting and enjoying some of the interesting galleries, museums or enjoy the beach, bars, and restaurants in the county. Before you start planning your international move you must also research some of the other things to do here:

  • Bike along 17 mile Drive
  • Visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium
  • Cannery Row
  • Trek the Monterey Peninsula Recreationally Trail
A road sign with directions
Enjoy a walk down some of the most beautiful trails in the area

In conclusion

Monterey is not only a great place to visit but also a great place to settle down when relocating to the USA. Many people decide to do just that. So read up and find out why you should consider Monterey as your destination and new home.

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