Why is Toronto one of top 10 cities Europeans are moving to

There are many things that answer the question of why is Toronto one of the top 10 cities Europeans are moving to. With the most people in Canada, it serves as a crossroads for many things. The city, often known as New York North, provides an ideal combination of the corporate, cultural, and entertainment worlds. Whether you are seeking to invest in new real estate or move, Toronto is a wonderful place to consider. So, let’s see why is Toronto one of top 10 cities Europeans are moving to!

Diverse community

Toronto has a very diversified culture. When you visit Toronto, you will notice many different cultures coexisting together. There are people of many races, religions, and cultures. That is one of the nicest things available here. Everyone lives in harmony, and there are rarely disputes among the city’s citizens. Many young professionals are moving to Canada to experience the well-known hospitality of Canadians!

Toronto skyline
The diverse community that builds the city of Toronto makes it very desirable for many Europeans!

We have discovered from local experts on moverstoronto.com that more than half of Toronto’s population is non-Canadian. In reality, the majority of this people was born outside of Canada and later moved here. They were born outside of Canada in various locations throughout the world, yet they are still deeply steeped in their culture and faith. Providing a harmonious blend of many cultures and beliefs.


It is unquestionably advantageous if you live in a city that values healthcare and has a competent system in place. The country has a universal healthcare system, and inhabitants are promised high-quality, easily accessible healthcare for everyone in need. This is true for everyone, regardless of color, religion, age, or financial status.

Regular investments are made in the healthcare industry. New educational institutes are being established, as well as numerous initiatives. All of these measures enhance the people’ quality of life and health and makes them feel at home and safe at all times. And make Toronto one of top 10 cities Europeans are moving to, for years.

Access to experts is easy

For example, back injuries are very common when you are trying to move without hiring professional help. In the USA, if you hurt your back while carrying heavy boxes, the medical bill can cost you as much as a year’s rent if you don’t have good health insurance, while in Canada, it is free! But, it’s not worth getting hurt, because many helpful options are available, and you should consider them.


There are many things that you should know as a European moving to Canada, but know that you won’t miss the food! Toronto, like New York City, has several world-class restaurants and dining alternatives. There are some of the top restaurants in town, serving food from all over the world. In this city, you will discover both high-quality fast-food restaurants and the greatest fine-dining experiences.

Toronto skyline during sunset
Toronto offers many fine-dine options for all foodies out there!

Regardless matter where you reside in Toronto, there are tasty and healthful alternatives all around the city. So, whether you just want a change of flavor or want to try out new and diverse cuisines, you will have a variety of possibilities.


Toronto is a lively city with inhabitants who place a high value on exercise and health. Throughout the year, there are different sports programs and events. You can simply go kayaking or golfing. Almost every sport has its own set of venues. At Woodbine Beach, you can lease kayaks and have a fantastic time. There are also other golf clubs located across the city. All this combined makes Toronto one of top 10 cities Europeans are moving to continuously.

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