Why is Europe a place to be for California retirees

Retirement is the time for you to relax and spend your free tie doing the things you love doing. Whether it be traveling, painting, fishing, cooking, you should be able to dedicate as much time as you can to it. You have been working for years so now it is time to dedicate your time to yourself and not your work. One of the best things to do after you retire is to move to another city, state, or even another country. A lot of retirees in California play it safe and they move from one Californian city to another one, usually a smaller one. But we believe that now is the perfect time for you to explore something new and move somewhere you might have never lived before. This is why we think that Europe is the perfect place for California retirees.

Europe is a continent with dozens of different countries and each country is different and unique in its own way. This can make making the decision of where you will be moving harder but that is what we are here to help you with. We decided to write this article on a couple of countries in Europe which we believe would be a perfect place for California retirees. We will also state the reasons why we believe so which will help you in making the decision of whether to move to Europe from California after retiring. But we say go for it!


If you had been living in California for a long time you are probably used to nice warm weather and beautiful beaches. Luckily, there is a country in Europe that offers just that and it is Spain. California is actually built in a way to remind of Spain. A lot of architecture styles that are to be found in California actually came from Spain. This is going to make adjusting much easier as the small Spanish towns really remind of small Californian towns. You can consider moving to these five cities in Spain.

Spain beach.
Spain is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe.

This isn’t the only reason why moving to Spain is a good idea. Spain is a beautiful country overall. There are plenty of beautiful towns, both big and small, both coastal and on land. The homes are beautiful, that goes without saying. But the most important piece of information is the fact that Spain isn’t an expensive country at all when you compare it to living in California. Housing is much more affordable. But so are all other amenities. This is very helpful if you are a retiree.

Long-distance relocation from California to Spain is made possible by hiring a reliable moving company. There are plenty of moving companies out there but you have to make sure that you find a reliable and experienced one such as jbmoving.com. This will make your international relocation less stressful.


If thinking of really switching up your surroundings and moving somewhere with a colder climate, we believe that Switzerland is the place for you. Switzerland is an amazing European country, one of the richest and most expensive ones. This is a place where a lot of American retirees can afford to live as the standard is as high as it is in The States. Switzerland is a country in the Alps. This means that there are plenty of mountain towns to consider moving to. Switzerland has some of the best cities in Europe for moving to from the USA. This is perfect for California retirees who want to learn to do something new such as skiing for example. Skiing is very fun, especially when skiing on the slopes of the highest mountain in Europe.

There are plenty of mountain towns for you to consider moving to.

Adjusting to Switzerland might be a harder task but it is going to be worth it because it is an amazing country. The culture is beautiful. People here are very welcoming towards newcomers, especially newcomers from the states. People here speak English very well so the language barrier is not something that should worry you too much. But we do recommend studying a bit of French and German. This is just going to make it all a bit easier for you not only in the beginning but over time as well.

Moving is going to be a challenging task for sure. This is why you need to find help for time-consuming tasks such as packing up your home in order to make the process easier to handle. You can have professionals pack up and relocate your home while you spend your time with your family.

Make relocation easier by hiring reliable and experienced movers.

United Kingdom

The best way to play it safe when moving from the States to Europe as a Californian retiree is to move to the United Kingdom. This is a country very similar to the states but yet very different. It is much more rainy and cloudy than what you are used to. But the language spoken is the same. This makes it very easy to get around and adjust as well as meet new people. This is why we recommend moving here. There are dozens of small towns where you will love living as they are very peaceful. Most of these small towns are some of the most affordable places to live in Europe.

The UK is known for pubs that are to be found everywhere. Here is where you can get a taste of craft beer made by the locals. You will also be able to taste some amazing food in the UK as well. The restaurant culture is very big in the UK so you’ll find your favorite restaurant here in no time.

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