Why are European seniors moving to Mississippi

Growing old means learning plenty of things about life. One of the main things you learn over the years is that it is important to explore as much as it possible in the world around you. Being in the same place all the time is very pointless. This is why a lot of people who are able to do so are moving to other cities or even countries. One of the most popular moving destinations for seniors is surely the United States. The US is an amazing country for old people. There are plenty of small cities where living is much more affordable than it is in Europe. Living in the United States also has plenty of other perks, not just the possible affordability. This is why plenty of seniors are moving from Europe to various states in the USA. A lot of them are moving to Mississippi.

There are a lot of reasons for European seniors moving to Mississippi in such large numbers over the last few years. And if you aren’t familiar with why Mississippi is the perfect state for any senior, you came to the right place. We decided to write this article about why are European seniors moving to Mississippi in hopes of proving to more people that moving to Mississippi is a great idea and that doing it is not something you will regret. Even if it means having an international move, moving to Mississippi is something you should definitely consider. And here are just some of the reasons why.

Mississippi is a very beautiful state.


One of the things about moving to Mississippi that is very suitable for seniors is the fact that this is a very affordable state to live in. In fact, it is the most affordable state of all of them. This would mean that Mississippi isn’t an expensive place to live in at all as there are plenty of other states that are much more affordable than living in Europe is. And this includes everything from housing and amenities to bills, food, gas, etc. This also means that affordable professionals are at your disposal at any time if you decide to relocate from one city to another.

Let us tell you more about the housing costs as this is probably what you are most interested in knowing more about. The average price for a home in Mississippi is just around $135,000. This would be just around 115,000 Euros. This isn’t a big price to pay for a home at all. And you also have to be aware of the fact that this amount of money won’t buy you an apartment or a small house. Homes in Mississippi are big. They have a lot of space. And most importantly they are newly built. There aren’t plenty of old homes in Mississippi. This is because this is a state that has just started developing and more and more new homes are being built as there are more and more European seniors moving to Mississippi as well as young people from all over the world.

To some, just this is enough. If you are one of them, you now need to start searching for a reliable moving company.

Houses in Mississippi is are big and spacious.

Mississippi has plenty of amazing towns

The second main reason why European seniors are moving to Mississippi is the fact that this is a state with plenty of amazing towns to choose from. And Mississippi is a very diverse state when it comes to flora and fauna. It is a state with plenty of untouched nature. There are plenty of amazing national parks here as well as forests. Mississippi has mountains as well as plains. But not only that, not a lot of people are aware of the fact that Mississippi is a state on the coast. This means that there are some coastal towns here as well. And this means there are some beaches here too. Who wouldn’t want to live in Mississippi? You have it all in one state. We believe that these sorts of things are important pieces of information you should know before relocating to Mississippi.

As we already touched on the topic of amazing towns in Mississippi it would only be fair for us to tell you about some of them. If searching for a coastal town, Ocean Springs is a town we recommend. This is a town with dozens of charming local stores, cafes, and restaurants. There are plenty of them by the coast as well. This is a vacation spot for a lot of people which is why this town gets very busy during spring and summer.

Mississippi is a state with plenty of beautiful small coastal towns.

Natchez is another charming town worth mentioning. This is also a coastal town but not the ocean coast. Natchez is a town located on the banks of a river. It is an old town with a lot of historic houses which creates a very unique look. This is exactly what attracts plenty of seniors to Natchez. Hattiesburg is a city to consider as well.

Moving internationally can be made easy

What scares a lot of seniors is the moving process. International moving isn’t an easy task. This is why you need to leave it to the professionals. Hiring professional movers is the best way to make international moving less stressful. And believe us when we tell you that it can be stressful. But moving is more than just getting your things from one home to another. Moving also requires packing. And packing for a move as a senior can be harmful. Packing is a seriously physically demanding task which not a lot of seniors are able to handle. This is why you need to find and follow professionals’ advice. And we advise you to hire professional movers for the task of packing your home.

You need to make sure that you get all the paperwork ready. But most importantly you need to spend as much time as you are able to with your friends and family in Europe before your relocation to Mississippi. This is also where movers come in handy. Moving takes a lot of time without the professional assistance of movers. Hiring movers is the best international moving tip we can give you.

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