Who moves the most in the US?

Most people will move at least once in their lifetime. Whether you’re moving to a new house, relocating to a different city or downsizing after the kids go to college. The moving industry is as active as it has ever been. The moving industry is changing with the times, though. For example, millennials are moving significantly less than previous generations. This is despite being less tied down to one place with mortgages, spouses and children. But, they are only the beginning of this article, continue reading and find out who moves the most in the US.

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Who moves the most in the US?

Who moves the most in the US?

  • People who are moving for job-related reasons are one of those who moves the most in the US. You see, lower-income jobs make it less possible or desirable to move. But, movers with household incomes above the median of $50,000 were slightly more likely to move than those with household incomes under $50,000. That idea seems to be supported by the fact that people in management, business, financial and professional jobs are more likely to relocate for work. And those in service, sales or administrative jobs where skills might be more easily transferable to a new job in the same location.
  • The next is the people who are looking for a new or better home/apartment.
  • Married couples were even more likely to give a housing-related reason for their move. That’s likely because, except for newlyweds, they don’t tend to fall into many of the family-related categories. Like, having a change in marital status or desire to start their own households.

Everyone has their own reason for moving. But when it comes to choosing how you’re going to get your belongings to your new residence, there are only three real options. Are you going to hire a professional moving company? Are you going to rent a moving truck? Or you want to do the whole thing by yourself? Anyway, if you are not sure and you have questions you can check this link – damovingnyc.com – for any further information about moving.

Job-related relocation

Companies, like people, are also trying to cut overhead costs by relocating to another city, state or foreign country. People who move the most in the US are people who need better job opportunities. This change means that the company’s employees and their families will also have to move. If they would like to keep their current jobs. Besides, finding a better job in another area within the country or abroad is a strong incentive for most to relocate. Or if the commuting time to work approaches or exceeds an hour one way, some people would prefer to move closer to their work. Rather than to waste two hours, at least, in traffic every single workday.

Military Relocation

When relocating military personnel and their families, the services of real estate professionals have to understand their needs. They have to make the transfer easier, faster, and less stressful. This certification focuses on educating real estate professionals about working with current and former military service members. In order to find the housing solutions that best suit their needs. And they always need to be ready for this. Military personnel is one of those people who moves the most in the US.

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Military personnel is moving the most in the US.

The house problems

  • Home becomes too small – In the majority of cases, the homes of first-time owners feel smaller and smaller with each newly-added family member. And therefore, a move to a larger house with more living space becomes a necessity.
  • Home becomes too big – Downsizing is a good option for people whose children have moved out of the family home. And when all of a sudden the maintenance of a large house gets to be a burden and the maintenance costs start climbing. Then relocating to a smaller home should definitely be considered.

Who moves the most in the US? Well, dream pursuers!

And there is another group of people who moves the most in the US. They are moving from a small to a big city. Those are the people who want to change their lifestyles drastically. And put their time and effort into realizing a life-long dream. They want to travel and explore the world, to pursue a hobby or to just be less dependent on material things. These are the people who are willing to relocate frequently in search of the right place and the right people, in search of the calling that will help them find new meaning in their lives.

Dream USA flag - People who want to realize a life-long dream are one who moves the most in the US.
People who want to realize a life-long dream are one who moves the most in the US.

Retirees are one of those people who moves the most in the US

After a lifetime of hard work, most retirees feel that they have earned their ticket to a warm, beautiful and peaceful place. Where they can enjoy the rest of their lives. And that doesn’t matter whether the move will be to a retirement community or to any of the top retirement destinations abroad. The best way to decide if such relocation is the right choice for retired people or not is a long-term vacation of several months to the selected destination. Such a vacation will help them see if a permanent move there will fit their new lifestyle. That’s why retirees are one of those people who moves the most in the US. For easy relocation, you can check out these tips for moving for seniors.

It is also a cultural issue

Aside from work and family needs, some Americans are moving from the US to Europe for the simple change of scenery. Individuals, couples or families that have come to the understanding that they wish for a slower pace of day to day life. The United States has vast, open areas, full of fields, forests, and roads. But why do people move to Europe? Well, European countries have a different and special vibe. Things, of course, go both ways. Many Europeans choose to relocate to the USA. Because they wish to get their own chance of living the American dream. Any many of the relocations might occur due to work needs. But you will always find those who wish to try their luck in the entertainment business, or in founding a successful start-up.

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