What’s to know before moving from Miami to Europe

Moving from Miami to Europe requests a good preparation at least three weeks before moving day. There are so many things you should do before you move from Miami to Europe. This kind of international moving isn’t just packing things in a suitcase, it requests many preparation plans. There is a list of things you should know before you decide to relocate from Miami to Europe. Of course, the list can be different in some tasks depending on the country you are moving into.

What should you know about international moving?

When it comes to moving internationally, you need to consider many things. You need to think about visas, job-hunting, health care, etc. You need to prepare everything before you move overseas. Before you hire Miami movers for your international moving, you should also think about:


  • Find an International job before you move


  • Get a work visa
  • Packing

* Moving your stuff overseas

  • an International driver’s license
  • Learn about culture shock
  • Make a moving checklist



Before moving from Miami to Europe – find a job

Moving from Miami to Europe requires many a lot of research but is the best to start with finding a job in Europe.

If you are working in a Miami international company, you’re your company for international transfer. This is the easiest way to find a job in Europe. But, if you need to find a new job in Europe, then start with online searching. When you do a research you will resume information and you will know more about your international job opportunities.

Get a work visa or permit before moving from Miami to Europe

Work permits can be hard to obtain, but some Europe countries are searching for new employers. Visa requirements depend on the specific country. But, don’t be afraid, many people are moving internationally when they want to seek new opportunities and to experience European way of life.

Start packing for Europe relocation on time

Packing for international moving can be very challenging but if you start on time, your moving can be less stressful. Packing for international relocation is a little different from packing when you move a short distance. It requires a lot of time and you need to know what you are allowed to move, and do you have enough space in your new home.

If you don’t want to move all your stuff to Europe, you can leave some things in Miami storages or you can sell it.

Learn about restrictions in Europe and import fees and duty costs. You need to know what you’re allowed to import into your new country. If you don’t know, it is the best to contact the country’s consulate or official website.

When you decide what you can move and ship to your new country, check shipping costs and start packing on time. If you want to cut your international moving costs, find free moving boxes Miami and start packing and labeling them.  And remember to protect your fragile items, so they don’t get damaged during transportation.

Moving from Miami to Europe checklist

This type of international moving can be difficult. So, make a moving checklist and use it as a guide to help you during this complicated move.  A checklist of things to do before moving to Europe is important to complete before you pack and move.

Your international moving checklist should include:


  • Meet with an Immigration Official


  • Collect Necessary Documents
  • Obtain Necessary Immunizations
  • Obtain Health Certificates for Pets
  • Check Tax Laws
  • Purchase Health Insurance
  • Get Custom Forms for Household Goods and Pets



Be prepared for culture shock

Moving from Miami to Europe can bring you many culture differences. So it is possible to deal with a culture shock, because your new country will probably be different from your current one. So, it is the best to read and learn more about your new country in Europe. In this way you will know more about culture, history, people and European way of life. The most important is to do your research about your new home and neighborhood. Or, if you still don’t know where you will exactly live, then find a neighborhood where you can live and be happy.

Learn the language

Before you move to Europe, learn more about language in your new country. Learning the local language will help you to communicate with new neighbors and to find a job easier. In this way, you can feel your new home like a real home. You don’t have to spoke it like residents, just to know basics so you can communicate with others.

Get an insurance

Before moving from Miami to Europe, you need to research and choose the best travel insurance. With right type of insurance, you can cover lost luggage, stolen items, or other problems that could happen while moving to Europe. So, making a good plan and getting the insurance can save you money, time and problems. With the insurance for European relocation, your moving will be less stressful.

Get familiar with the local transportation options

Before you relocate to your new European city, get to know the local transportation. It will help you get around your new home. When you learn about European transportation system, your moving throw the city will be much easier. Local transport will also give you answers in which neighborhood it is the best to live.

Why you need help from an international moving company?

When you are moving from Miami to Europe, you need to hire professional help. This can be a very difficult and maybe impossible to do yourself.  International moving company can help you with all moving process, from packing and unpacking services, loading, transporting, etc.  

International moving companies can offer you a wide range of services:

  • Packing fragile items in your home
  • Transport of your household goods
  • Delivery
  • Document preparation
  • Customs clearance
  • Container transportation
  • Air or ocean freight

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