What to do while movers pack your stuff

It’s a good decision to hire professional packers and movers to take care of your house move for you. Professional movers can save you from a lot of stress and trouble of moving on your own. As the moving day approaches, you may start wondering what to do while movers pack your stuff. This can be really stressful, especially if you’re using a moving company for the first time. Here is some advice to help you with your dilemma.

Mover packing a lamp
Hire movers to pack your stuff

Be prepared for their arrival

Before your packers and movers arrive, you need to prepare for moving. Firstly, go through your things before your packers come and leave only the things that you must take with you. Get rid of unwanted stuff to save time, money and space. You can pack up your clothes, shoes, bedding and other personal items. Additionally, pack essentials boxes for each member of your family. Start preparing boxes of your essentials a few days prior to moving day. Important items such as documents, valuables, prescription medicine should never leave your side anyway. Also, you can pack a box of things you will need right away. For example, pack a change of clothes for everyone or your children’s favorite toys. This way you won’t need to go through all your boxes as soon as you get to your new home.

Help your movers be more productive in their work

Before your movers start to work, there are a few things you should do to guarantee effective packing job. Firstly, welcome your packers and movers when they arrive. Show them your home and what needs to be packed up and loaded. They will have a pretty good idea what to expect from the in-home visual inspection they did before. Still, you should give them full information.

Secondly, be mindful of your movers’ needs. Make sure your movers have easy access to the bathroom, soap and disposable paper towels ready. Also, offer some refreshments – water or other non-alcoholic drinks, like coffee, tea or juice, to keep them hydrated. Finally, get them some snacks, sandwiches or order them lunch. For example, pizza usually works great in keeping their energy levels up during the move.

Make sure everyone is safe while movers pack your stuff

The best possible way to help your movers pack your staff is providing a good level of safety. Usually, moving day is the most unpredictable day, so do everything you can to make it safe.

If you are moving with a toddler, you should keep him away from the packing and moving action. Create a safe room for small kids to be looked after. Additionally, think about hiring a babysitter for the day so that you can concentrate on your tasks.

Toddle in a moving box
Make sure your toddler is safe during the move

Also, pets don’t have any business running around on moving day either. Keep your animal friend in a room away from the packing and moving madness. Also, you can leave him or her with a trusted neighbor until the packers and movers have completed their job.

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