What is it about Ontario and millennials from Europe?

What is special about Ontario and millennials from Europe who love to live there? Canada has 13 regions and Ontario is one of them. It is located on the east-central side of the country. Many tourists visit this region because of amazing cities, entertainment options, and beautiful nature. The capital of Ontario (ON) is Toronto. One of the most famous cities in the world – known for many different things. Ontario has a population of almost 15 million and 7 million of them live in Toronto – it is the center of financial gain in this region. But, why young professionals from Europe are moving to Canada, what are the reasons? If you want to move out of Europe and go to Canada, first make sure to learn everything about this country.

Why do millennials from Europe love Ontario?

What are the pros of living in Canada, particularly in Ontario? Before you make the final decision, be familiar with this place and find an Ontario guide for Europeans and you will learn faster. Moving to another continent is a big step and a change in life.

A man reading on laptop why Ontario and millennials from Europe are a good match.
Find all the reasons and benefits of living in Ontario.

The benefits of living in Ontario

Job opportunities and economy

One of the main reasons for moving to Canada and Ontario in this case is a career. Millennials from Europe are looking for job opportunities and a successful career. A lot of industries are located here as well as big companies. After all, Ontario is the core of the economy of Canada and a financial center. The unemployment rate is very low – 6.4%. But in bigger cities such as Toronto and Ottawa, the rate is lower. There should be no problem finding a job.

High incomes

Besides job opportunities, salaries are high which is a big factor for moving too. The economy is strong and jobs are well-payed. Living standards are high. On average, Ontario residents earn around $73,000 per year. Not only do Europeans want to live and work here, but also people from all around the world as well. Every year 250,000 people move to Canada which is a big number.

Low crime rate

Looking for a safe place? Canada is known for its low crime rate. Compared to other regions in Canada, Ontario has the lowest crime rate. Globally speaking, Toronto has been ranked in 6th place when it comes to safety.


As you already may know – Ontario is beautiful and it has a rich biodiversity. Parks, forests, lakes, rivers, nature is well preserved everywhere. Because of this, there are many jobs in the forest.


Usually, after moving to a different country, especially overseas, many people feel they don’t belong here because they look and act differently. But, Ontario is a very diverse place. Here, you can find people from India, China, Poland, Germany, Slavic countries, Japan, Australia, etc. This will help you find your own community in Ontario and adjust faster. 

A map of Europe
It is important to have something that keeps you connected to your home.

Good healthcare

Get free Healthcare benefits in Ontario because according to their law, all the residents of the country have the right to make publicly funded treatment no matter where they are from. You do not have to worry about basic healthcare services. Unnecessary medical services and treatment will not be funded such as cosmetology and dental care procedures.

Efficient immigration office

These offices deal with millions of immigrants. The program called Opportunities Ontario Provincial Nominee helps immigrants to enter the country faster. Government agencies and non-profit organizations work together in order to help all people. This is why Ontario and millennials from Europe match well.

Education system

The education system in Ontario is great. If you are moving for college or you have kids, schools are quality. Some of the world’s leading research centers are located in Ontario and it is also a good job opportunity. A big number of schools are public and they are funded by taxpayers.

How to transport items from Europe to Ontario?

Transporting items overseas is not that complicated when you have the right freight company Number 1 Movers Canada to take care of that process. Moving from Europe to Canada can be easy. You need to organize the process from the beginning. Explore companies online, ask for recommendations, read reviews from past clients, talk to someone who moved recently, etc. A lot of Europeans moved to Canada, and you can learn from them. Your household items should be packed properly. Keep in mind that a trip from Europe to Ontario is long.

How to settle in after moving to Ontario?

After arriving at ON, you need to settle in. Find a home in Hamilton where you will stay and search for local movers to help you move in. You can easily find specialized people from Ontario. It is highly recommended because being in a foreign country is hard at the beginning. Unpack and decorate your new home, personalize it.

Toronto panorama
Choose a city and start your new life there.

Choose a place in Ontario where to live

Ontario is not a small region. It has plenty of places where you can move to. What are Canadian cities Europeans like and where they are moving to? Some of the places in Ontario, millennials from Europe love are:

  • Ottawa
  • Kingston
  • Waterloo
  • Toronto
  • Guelph
  • Hamilton

These cities were ranked by incomes, quality of life, job opportunities, education, healthcare, crime rate, and climate. Millennials from Europe love those cities in ON because they can adjust faster there. Canada is a friendly country, open to all people. It is a big advantage when moving because you know you are welcome there. No wonder Ontario and millennials from Europe like each other.

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