What do you need to know when moving from Budapest to Boston?

When you are moving to a different country cultural differences and differences regarding lifestyle, in general, may be extensive. And when you are switching continents it may seem like you are moving to another planet! Leaving the old continent for „the colonies“ is something many have done before you, so you can relish on other people’s experience. And if you are moving from Budapest to Boston, you should know that aside from the capital letter, there are striking similarities you can draw the parallel to. And for certain, many, many differences. As you are getting ready for your move to another country, you might want to prepare to the best of your abilities.

Let’s start with what your life may resemble prior to your relocation from Budapest to Boston.

Before the goodbyes

Living in Budapest or living anywhere in Europe is a lot different than living in The States. There are so many things you think about while you are getting ready to move to another country. You feel the love for your city, stronger than ever now that you are leaving it behind. And such a distant destination makes it even more emotional because it lacks the possibility of just popping back whenever you feel nostalgic. But, you have a reason for moving and you are moving forward, so let’s carry on a more positive note. You know how they say – every change is for the better if you see it as an opportunity.

All in all, moving away from your hometown can be stressful, however, there are things you can do to have a stress free relocation.

Beautiful Budapest

Anyone who has once walked the streets of Budapest is forever the witness of its beauty. Hilly old town Buda and at its foothill a slightly more modern Pest is the home to many and a favorite travel destination to many more. It is a vivid city, breathing with history and beautiful architecture. You can walk everywhere – to the Fisherman’s Bastion, over the Széchenyi Chain Bridge, through the Vaci street, all the way to Heroes square. If you are not in the mood for walking, you can sail the beautiful blue Danube and gaze into the House of Nations. Certainly, there are many places that prove Budapest is the most stunning city in Europe.

a view on Budapest at dusk you will miss after you move from Budapest to Boston
The night sky in Budapest is one of many reasons to visit this wonderful city

Aside from its beauty, Budapest is a desired destination for all young people starting careers and life. It is a highly livable city, with moderate costs of living, a well-developed healthcare system, a multicultural hub that has a lot to offer. Nightlife is amazing, shopping is good and cultural and the festival offer is rich. The food is good and the language is very difficult to learn. But if it’s your hometown you love every part of it.

However, aside from having to say goodbye, there is a lot you have to do when preparing for your move to another country. You have to be practical, do the research, collect your belongings, prepare your documentation, and get your affairs in order, but more on that later. And last, but not the least, you must find out everything you can about Boston.

What’s Boston like?

Don’t worry, the accent is not that bad!

All jokes aside, before you relocate to the City on a Hill, you will hear a lot of things and you should know how to separate prejudice from the truth. Whatever you choose to call this city, if you are going to call it home, you will love it! There are many things to know before moving to Boston, so be sure to research this wonderful city!

Boston has many nicknames and each one tells you a little about its character. It is often called the Cradle of Liberty, which can steer you in the direction of understanding that Boston is a city of liberals, and prides with its history! Boston is the site of many significant moments in U.S. history. It is home to many of the best-educated people on the planet. This comes as a no surprise given the density of Ivy league schools in the state. There is a great cultural offer in the city. Access to some of the best culinary institutes in the world. Boston’s healthcare system is all you could ask for. Its the city of sports enthusiasts, tenacious people, with a colorful spirit and strong character.

What to expect when moving from Budapest to Boston

The first thing someone will tell you when you are moving from Budapest to Boston is to not be surprised about the steep cost of living! Coming from one of Europe’s most affordable cities to the States, this may come as a surprise, and it certainly is something to get accustomed to. The cost of living in the States is generally higher than in Hungary, and Boston is notoriously expensive. The biggest part of these expenses is housing, so once you check that off the list, the rest is bearable.

When it’s cold it’s really cold!

Coming from Budapest, you should get along with the climate in Boston without big problems. There are four distinct seasons in Boston. Winter is quite infamous, but as it can get rather cold in Budapest, you are probably equipped with winter clothes and accustomed to snow. The most beautiful part of Boston winter is the colorful fall that precedes it. It is something to look forward to.

Swans in a lake
Lovebirds in Boston, a lovely sight for every person

Get those legs moving

You can walk everywhere and you should! You can take the T, which many Bostonian people use every day, but what you shouldn’t do is drive! Its drivers are taken for the most aggressive kind, that honks constantly and is furious all the time. Nevertheless, you can explore Boston by foot and don’t be scared if you get lost, everyone gets lost there at some point. Take the Freedom Trail, the Swan boats, check out the State House, walk around and you will love the city!

brownstone homes you will see after moving from Budapest to Boston
Walk the streets of Boston and enjoy nature and amazing buildings

Go, team!

If you are not into sports, you should give it a try. Bostonians are serious about their Celtics and Red Sox. They are far more likely to accept you if you get passionate about sports. Also, if you are not a fan of lobster and clam chowder, you can maybe pass by eating Italian food, but give it a go with the lobster.

Don’t forget to do the research

Prior to your relocation, you need to do extensive research and prepare for the move. Don’t forget to check out these things:

  • Moving companies
  • How to ship goods to or from Europe – conditions and pricing
  • Boston neighborhoods – find the best one for you
  • Taking mementos with you – What should you bring and what you should donate
  • How and which favorite food you can bring. Don’t forget to check if and how you can bring some goulash with you for those nostalgic moments
  • Job opportunities in Boston and the surrounding area. Even if you have a job, it doesn’t hurt to have a backup plan

When you do the research, you need to start packing. If you are moving for good, there must be an extensive amount of clothes, mementos, and even furniture you will be carrying with you. Don’t be shy to ask assistance when packing your belongings, it may be a lot more stressful and complicated than you imagined.

New home – here I am!

After moving to Boston you will have many opportunities and choices for activities. You can still walk everywhere as you did in Budapest. Your life is going to change for sure, but that is kind of the point of moving.

You will miss some things after moving from Budapest to Boston, but there are a lot of things to look forward to. Go out and meet the city. Maybe you can find a way to have the best of both worlds. Just don’t forget to bring enough goulash with you!

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