What are the best reasons to move to Europe

When thinking about moving to another place millions of thoughts are passing through our minds. Of course, there’s an inevitable stress since this can be a very challenging undertaking that carries many risks. However, risk follows us anyway, no matter what we are doing. On the other hand, there is room for more positive thoughts. Relocating can be very thrilling and exciting, too! It brings us wonderful new opportunities. When in a new country, we can experience so many new things. Some of them are exploring a new culture, eating unusual food, traveling through new regions, etc. In this article, we will look at some of the best reasons to move to Europe.

getting ready
Prepare ahead

While we understand that you can be overwhelmed by the upcoming experience, in order to actually be able to enjoy it, you first have to think about preparations beforehand. Moving to another continent requires serious planning, and being responsible. If you’re relocating with the family, responsibility is even a bigger imperative. Some of the most important questions include dealing with extensive documentation. Although most countries apply relatively similar immigration policies, the wisest would be to refer to the embassy of the country you’re planning on moving to.

Next, you’ll need a source of income. Be aware that getting a job in Europe might not be as easy as it could sound. Our thought? Your best shot is applying for an American company which has a branch or a representative office. But you can read more about the job opportunities later on in the text.

In spite of the fact that one of the reasons to move to Europe includes countless beautiful places to choose from, we still have to point out that before letting yourself go to the charms of this piece of the Earth, you’ll have to deal with the question of finding an accommodation. Note that standards differ in each country, so you’ll might need to be flexible when it comes to choosing. For the time being, you can find a cheap, but comfortable accommodation in a hostel, but in a long run, it’s advisable to get settled at a permanent address.

Let’s not forget about taxes. Nobody likes them but unfortunately, we can’t ignore them. I mean, you could, but it wouldn’t turn out good. Gather all the information necessary on this issue so that you could fully prepare and know your obligations once you move to Europe.

Let’s take a look at some reasons to move to Europe

We are sure you alone can think about millions of great reasons why you should change your current place of living for relocating to Europe. And since that’s the case, we will single out only a few of them, and you feel free to add your own.

Family roots
Moving to Europe enables you to trace your roots


If you’re one of those who has always wanted to trace your origin and you know the path will lead you to Europe that could be a motivation enough to make such a decision. The members of your family must have talked about their fathers, and what kind of life they had had. Why not try to find out that on your own? You can turn this search into being the biggest adventure of your life! Along the way, we are certain you’ll grow as a person with each step you take.

Chance for business

We mentioned before that finding a job in Europe is perhaps not the easiest thing. But that doesn’t mean you should give up before you try. Depending on your field of expertise, we can offer you some options to think about.


According to GDP rates from recent years, the economy in Paris is flourishing compared to the total GDP of France. Europe’s largest purpose-built business district – La Défense is just west outside the city limits of Paris. Some of the top companies in the world have their offices here.


The unemployment rate in the city of this Central Europe’s country is the lowest among all the others. One of the reasons is that the labor is cheap, but also the fact is that many people are employed in factories. Due to its favorable location, it is less complicated to connect with other markets, which makes it easy to find a job. Oh, they have great beer here, too!


This city welcomes those who want to start their own business. The number of start-ups has increased a lot because this country offers convenient tax conditions, plus the cost of living is more than affordable, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy the atmosphere of the city, for it’s full of energy!


One of the best reasons to move to Europe is the existence of this marvelous city. Not only it is absolutely beautiful and one of the least polluted cities in Europe, but here you have a high chance to find a  good-payed job in IT sector, finance, and entrepreneurship. The quality of staff is at a high level, and most of the citizens speak excellent English!

Culture and traveling

Old continent is not a nickname given just like that. Europe is the cradle of great ancient civilizations and the owner of many cultures. By walking the streets of European cities and towns, you can witness the history, first-handed.

Travel easily

Whatever way of transportation you choose, you can be sure that you’ll arrive fast, travel a lot, and not pay much. There are several low-budget air companies such as Ryan Air, or Wizz Air that, or you can opt for a bus or train ride for a greater experience. Some European capitals are just two hours away, so in one weekend you can visit many places.

Cultural knowledge

Definitely one of the top reasons to move to Europe is a chance to learn so much and get in touch with so many diverse cultures. As you travel through the continent, you can learn how one culture was influenced by the current situation, altered by wars, or made glorious by strong individuals. We cannot but mention Paris again. Statistically speaking, Paris is the most interesting tourist destination. It is home to some of the most sophisticated museums and artists. Of course, the Eiffel Tower is a must but use a chance to go on cruising the Seine river and see the city from a different angle.

How does a sunny Barcelona sound like? Just mentioning Gaudí, his genius projects, among which is Sagrada Família, and Park Güell is enough, we believe.

Beautiful scenery and castles in Bohemia, Czech Republic, rich long history, and picturesque architecture, while drinking some of the best beers made in breweries that date even from 12th century. Need more reasons to move to Europe?

An image of a luggage
Traveling is easy

If you’ve always wanted to live among the Vikings, the land of the Little Mermaid, or see live the lights of Aurora Borealis, and you don’t mind a bit chilly weather then Scandinavia offers enough reasons to move to Europe.

But why not go south and become a member of a populous Balkan nation, live in the real King’s Landing (Game of Thrones fans will appreciate this), experience hospitality, eat the most delicious food, and enjoy in the beauty of its nature, the best parties, or a shot of rakija after a long work week? People here just know how to live the life!

Having troubles decide? We don’t blame you. The point is that reasons to move to Europe are many, and whichever country you choose, you won’t make a mistake.

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