What are the best reasons for relocating to Greece

You’ve been wondering what it is like to live in Greece? Thinking about what that country can offer to you and if you are making a good choice? You’ve decided that it is a time for you to move and start a new life in a new country. In this article, we will try to introduce you to some of the best reasons for relocating to Greece.

Europe calling

Moving to Europe from the USA can be challenging, especially for those who never visited any country in this continent before. Europe is a continent with so many diversities, different cultures, religions, nationalities, and languages. It is called “the old” continent, but it is in fact very lively and evolved. You will probably need some European moving tips before starting to organize this big move in your life.

Meeting the incredible culture, one of the oldest in the whole world

Greece is the so-called- cradle of western civilization and democracy. The history and culture of Greece persist different periods of development and each of them enriched the Greek culture and heritage. Here are just a few great things about what Ancient Greece gave birth to.

Unique and isolated language

Did you know that thousands of English words have origins in the Greek language? Quite impressive! Learning a new European language can be difficult, but it is worth a try. You will more easily settle in the local community.

The beauty of historical architecture and sites, one of the reasons for relocating to  Greece

With such a long and meaningful history, Greece has a long list of places of importance. By walking throughout these places you can easily imagine all those ancient myths coming alive. Isn’t that wonderful?

Astonishing view of Acropolis at night
                        Acropolis at night
  1. The Acropolis– “the highest place of the city” is actually a citadel located on the hill above Athens, the capital of Greece. It contains remains of several buildings, the most famous is Parthenon. It is dedicated to Athena, the goddess of wisdom and warfare. This place is attracting around 3 millions of people every year. Walking at night is a special experience which will take your breath away.
  2. Meteora– Situated on the rock formations in central Greece, this place is a complex of Eastern Orthodox Monasteries. So impressive, mystical and magical place where you can discover the true meaning of peace, isolation, and harmony. The astonishing view from Meteora will always be on your mind.
  3. Delphi– A place where Earth met Heaven once, it was the symbol of unity of the Ancient Greek world. People from all over Greece would gather here to attend the Pythian Games in honor of Apollo, God of music, art, and poetry.

There are many more historical places which you will certainly enjoy. Traveling through Greece is a unique experience. If you are a person that likes to explore and discover new things and places, Greece is the right place for you.

Athens, the capital of Greece. A city of sun, fun and loud atmosphere

Athens was the hometown of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and many other important people. Here are a few more reasons why it should be your new hometown.

  • Weather– The winter temperature in Athens is normally between 10-20 degrees Celsius, snow is very rear. In the summer temperature can reach over 30 degrees Celsius. With three months of sun and its mild winters, one can say that weather is a great plus for moving to Athens.
  • Street markets–  are ideal places for gatherings of people from the neighborhoods, excellent for buying healthy food and enjoying the real sense of Athens. Monastiraki, a huge street market, is one of them, and on the weekends in turn into an enormous flea market where you can buy anything you want, from clothes to food.
  • Athens nightlife – one of the reasons for relocating to Greece– One of the best places for nightlife is situated in the Gazi street. It is the home of a famous district of Athens, full of restaurants, clubs, and bars where you can spend your time and have fun. Equally interesting is Plaka –the most popular attraction in Athens, located just under the Acropolis and right in the city center. Plaka is well- known for good restaurants and bars, for a bit different nightlife than in Gazi. And there are plenty of other places that the local people can address you to.
Athens is one of the best reasons for relocating to Greece
                             Athens, Greece

One will probably notice a slightly increased tone of voice in the conversations local people have between each other. One should not assume that our hosts arguing, they are just talking about everyday things, such as- to eat or not to eat gyros. People that live in this part of the World do not hide to express their emotions and the vast majority of them is always willing to eat, drink and dance Sirtaki, a popular Greek dance. You will easily make friendships with Greeks when relocating to Greece, just show respect to their history and culture. They are very proud of it. Who wouldn’t be?

Meet the seaside- one of the best reasons for relocating to Greece

For those who would rather move away from the traffic jams and the dynamics of downtown, starting a new life in a small village or an island – is a great advantage of living in Greece.  You can, on the other hand, just spend a weekend in such a place. Within a few hours’ drives, you can be near the sea.

Santorini is an island which can be the right place for your relocation
    Santorini, one of the most beautiful islands

Long walks on the sandy beaches, watching the sunset, diving into the sea, drinking Greek frappe are only a few benefits of Greek seaside and islands. Some of the most beautiful islands in Europe and the World that one should visit are in Greece. And just to name a few: Ios, Mykonos, Santorini, Kefalonia, Zakintos etc. Greek Islands are probably the most convincing reasons for relocating to Greece.

Did someone say Gyros?

Traditional Greek food is known worldwide. Taverns, which are Greek type of restaurant with traditional food and music, are always full of people throughout the day. This information might give you a hint of how good Greek cuisine is, and how much local people enjoy meeting each other and spending time together over a nice dish of traditional food. A mix of vegetables, fish or meat, olive oil, and wine are used in preparing the finest traditional recipes.

In addition to the well-known gyros and souvlaki, there are a plenty of delicious Greek dishes from the Mediterranean cuisine. Some of them are Keftedes, Moussaka, Spanikopita, Yemista, Tzatziki, and many others. Along with these great dishes, you should try Retsina, the local traditional white wine, or Ouzo, dry anise-flavored aperitif.

Pack your things, find a reliable European moving company and start planning your relocation. We gave you just a few of many reasons for relocating to Greece. You will be thrilled to meet them and find many others, by yourself.


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