Ways to prepare and pack your garden tools for moving

Having a garden means having to take care of it. And in order for that to be possible, you will need plenty of garden tools. These tools are very useful and they make maintaining your garden an easier task. But they don’t make packing for a move such an easy task when it comes down to it. Packing and moving garden tools is not as easy as one might think it is. The tools are heavy and since they have been used, packing them is going to be a nightmare if you aren’t certain on how to do that properly. So, if you will need to prepare and pack your garden tools for moving, you are at the right place. We wrote this short guide with all the things you to know before moving in order to prepare and pack your garden tools for moving just right.


If you have been living in a house for quite a while, you surely have plenty of garden tools in your storage. And the reality is that you don’t use most of them. You maybe have a couple of tools that you use on a regular basis. Other ones are just taking up the storage space. This is why decluttering your shed, basement, garage, or wherever you keep your tools is very important. Get rid of any rusty old tools that you have replaced or will soon replace with new ones. This will also make packing easier and it will also save you money while moving.

Garden tools
Get rid of any tools that you don’t need.

Clean your tools

The first and the most obvious thing to do is to clean up the tools first so that you can pack your garden tools for moving. Since you use these tools in the dirt and they aren’t stored away in the cleanest part of your home, cleaning your supplies is a must. Packing up dirty shovels or any other tools before you clean them is something you shouldn’t do.

It is best to soak up your tools and then do the cleaning. A simple mixture of warm water and detergent will do the trick. Let the tools soak for a while so that the dirt is easy to remove after you take the tools out from the water. Do this outside so that you don’t mess up your floors or carpets at home.

Make your tools as clean as that is possible.

Get the packing supplies

You need to get the right packing supplies in order to pack your garden tools for moving. These are the things that can cause damage to your furniture and any other belongings that you will be moving with you. This is why getting the right packing supplies is necessary. You will need either plastic or cardboard boxes. Plastic ones work better for packing garden tools as they are sturdier and can carry heavier things than cardboard ones. Get a bubble pack as well so that you can use it to wrap up the tools.

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