USA students relocating to Europe: things to consider

Do you want to study abroad and try something new and fun? Living in Europe and studying there is one of the options. Many American students dream about moving to Europe and exploring this amazing continent. Can you study there as an American citizen and what should you consider before the relocation? USA students relocating to Europe is now a common situation. But, what do you need to know and how to move there with ease?

Reasons for USA students relocating to Europe

Why NYC students going to Europe to study, or students from other cities in the USA? What are the benefits of it?

  • The quality of education is high, not to mention that some of the European universities (in the UK, Sweden, the Netherlands, Finland, and Denmark are some of the best schools) are highly rated.
  • Tuition costs are more affordable in Europe, which is one of the main reasons for USA students relocating to Europe. Costs can be 10 times cheaper in Europe for education, and in some universities, it is free.
  • A long and rich history and tradition. You will learn new things, see different people, try something new, it is a totally new experience.
  • Learning a new language is another benefit unless you are moving to the United Kingdom.
Europe map.
Choose a college in Europe and try something new

To get all these benefits, you should prepare and move to Europe to study, or at least, spend a gap year traveling across Europe. It is an option too. Anyway, you will probably need professional movers by your side to help you out such as U. Santini Moving and Storage. Pack and move with ease to Europe!

Working and studying in Europe

If you are moving to the EU, you should know that students have the right to work at least 10 hours a week, it is a new rule for non-residents. Also, you can stay at least 9 months after finishing your studies or research in order to look for a job or to set up a business in Europe. Of course, you need a permit if you want to take a job next to the studies.

All countries in European Union have the same rules for international students but if the country is not part of the EU then you need to research the country’s rules and regulations. For example, a student that moving from the USA to Norway¬†should know that Norway is not part of the EU. So, it has some different rules for students.

USA students relocating to Europe talk in a meeting.
Maybe you don’t have to move by yourself, ask friends to join you

How to move from the USA to Europe as a student?

Before packing, you need to buy boxes and supplies. To move with ease, the first step is to get the right supplies first and to organize your belongings. Get firm moving boxes and pack properly and your items won’t be damaged during the transportation.

Also, if you are moving a lot of items, you cannot transport everything by yourself. You will need to hire an international moving company to help you out. When USA students relocating to Europe, there are so many things to think about, but keep in mind that is worth it. You will meet new people and get a new experience you cannot get in America.

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