Underrated cities in Idaho for European ex-pats

Until recently, Idaho wasn’t one of the first US states that came to mind to people who wanted to move to the US. The main contenders were always California, New York, Florida, and Texas. However, in recent times, as the real estate prices have skyrocketed in those areas, people started to look for alternatives. Nowadays Idaho is certainly much more interesting for European ex-pats. Today, we are going to explore some of the best but lesser-known cities in the state of Idaho, so if you plan to move there, make sure to stick with us to the very end as the most underrated cities in Idaho for European ex-pats are coming your way!

Pocatello should be one of the most underrated cities in Idaho for European ex-pats

Pocatello, or as people from Idaho call it – Poky, is not an unknown place, but only if you are from Idaho, or are well versed in local geography.

With a population of around 55 thousand people, Pocatello has a lot to offer. It has a great new redesigned flag, a lot of local shops and museums, and so on. Even though it is one of the best Idaho cities for international companies, it is rarely mentioned in conversations about the best places for ex-pats.

Nampa mixes urban atmosphere with Idaho’s uniqueness

With a population of more than 100 thousand residents, Nampa is certainly for people who want an urban atmosphere without the suffocating feeling of huge metropolises. It is home to nationally recognized and local museums. There is the Ford Idaho Center, a massive entertainment venue, and the Nampa Civic Center, which serves the Treasure Valley.

So, if you plan to move to Nampa, make sure to hire a reliable and professional moving company. Skilled locals can jump in whenever you plan to move to this wonderful city. You just need to contact them.

Movers moving couch.
Make sure to hire reliable professionals regardless of where you move.

Cascade in Idaho is for active European ex-pats

If you consider yourself to be an outdoor enthusiast, you need to check out Cascade! Even though recreational places like Stanley or McCall are more popular, Cascade, in terms of quality, is wrongfully ignored.

However, that can be a good thing. If you want to continue with your healthy lifestyle without ex-pats bothering you, Cascade is certainly a town you need to check out and buy a property in!

Kellog – an old and romantic mining town

An old mining town, Kellog, certainly doesn’t get as much love as it should!

Our friends from peasleyboisemovers.com consider it to be one of the most interesting towns in Idaho, and we have to agree with them. There are a lot of historic and other attractions. For hikers and bikers, there is a legendary Route of the Hiawatha. After that, you can take a rest in Silver Mountain resort.

Biker on a trail located in one of the lesser-known cities in Idaho for European ex-pats.
One of the best cities in Idaho for European ex-pats who love the outdoors should certainly be Kellog!

We hope that you’ll find that this guide to the most underrated cities in Idaho for European ex-pats has helped you find an ideal place for you! The only thing left now is to relocate and enjoy your peace.

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