Top reasons to move from Europe to Asia

Once you’ve spent a while living in your home town, or any town for that matter; you may feel the urge to make a drastic change in your life. And this is perfectly natural; we all hate feeling stuck in a rut. Plus, it doesn’t have to be something you do on a whim, or without thinking things through. Even if you decide on doing something huge, like a move from Europe to Asia; while it may seem scary, it could also be one of the best decisions you’ll make in your life. However, moving anywhere is something you need to approach with caution, as it’s a big life choice. Don’t worry, though – we’ll give you a few reasons why this is a good idea to ease you into the transition!

Affordable food and drink

When people choose why they’ll hire a company like Relosmart Movers Hong Kong and move to a new place; they do it for a host of different reasons. After all, in today’s world people live lifestyles that can vary wildly, meaning that you can’t expect everyone to make rational decisions based on the same specific metrics. But that’s why we’ll start off this list with something that may seem generic; but only because it’s something absolutely everyone can relate to.

A beautiful and stylish Asian city.
The local nightlife is cheaper compared to Europe in almost every Asian city!

A large part of the appeal of a move from Europe to Asia is the living standard; more specifically, the fact that you can get food and drink a lot cheaper than in the Western world. Let’s face it – no matter what kind of job you have, living in the United States isn’t cheap. And if you move to Australia or the UK, you’ll find even steeper prices for everyday items and other essentials. So, if you want to lead a more affordable lifestyle, you don’t have to adjust your own needs – you can simply move somewhere where everything is a lot cheaper.

Moving won’t be difficult

And sure, aforementioned Hong Kong isn’t a really good example, seeing as its prices are similar to the UK. But while a night out can easily cost you 50 bucks in the United States – you can have absolutely fine beer in countries like Vietnam for less than a dollar. Without lowering the time you spend on your social life and your friends, you can easily save more than 50% of your daily budget by living in an affordable Asian country. And while moving there, you’ll find that within the local economies, there are services for all types of moves; the relocation itself won’t be too difficult.

Cheap travel

As you’ll soon see for yourself, the affordability that comes from a move from Europe to Asia isn’t just about the everyday stuff you buy. Apart from that, you’ll also find that other prices are cheaper too. And that’s not just important for your budget; it’s also crucial in terms of making the right decisions. What do we mean by that? Well, as we’ve mentioned before – making this sort of relocation is a big deal. Especially if you’ve never spent any significant time in an Asian country; you may find yourself well out of your comfort zone. And besides that – you’ll also find yourself lacking some basic local knowledge that’s important for starting your new life in Asia.

A street in an Asian city.
Wherever you want to travel after a move from Europe to Asia – it definitely won’t be expensive!

That’s why you may realize, after moving to a certain place, that you haven’t made the right call. And if you had bought a cottage in Europe, that would be an expensive life choice that you wouldn’t be able to correct easily if you weren’t satisfied. But in Asia, all of the transactional fees are much lower; as are basic things like plane tickets and other transportation. If you hop on a train in Bangkok, you could be laying back on a beautiful beach in less than half a day. Also, selling a home that you’ve bought there and moving to Japan or China is far easier.

Sense of wonder in a move from Europe to Asia

So far, we’ve talked far and wide about the financial practicalities of a move from Europe to Asia. And certainly, this is an important aspect of the entire endeavor. After all, as we’ve said in the beginning – while this is definitely a good decision, it’s also a monumental one. So you can’t really go into it without thinking about the serious stuff for quite a while. But on the other hand, it’s worth noting something else – at the end of the day, one of the major reasons why you’re relocating in the first place is to have fun. And no matter how comfy or content you are with your life wherever you’re living; once you get used to it, there’s really no sense of amazement after a while. But leaving Europe for Dubai or an East Asian country will give you all of that.

A cottage on a hillside in Asia.
Moving to Asia means constantly discovering new things about local cultures!

New experiences

That’s why moving to a new country is such a great thing. You get to experience the greatness of discovering new things every single day. You don’t know all the best restaurants, you don’t know all the best streets; basically, it’s like living a completely new life. And let’s not forget – meeting a bunch of interesting people. So why not let yourself experience all of that? Plus, seeing as Asian cultures are generally far different to the Western ones; you’ll also be immersed in a completely new cultural format than the one you’re used to.

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