Top-rated tourist attractions in New Hampshire

Whether you are about to travel or even change your current address and become a New Hampshire resident, knowing how to spend some quality free time there is very important. Luckily, there is a wide range of diverse attractions and events at your disposal. The biggest difficulty you might face is actually making a final decision on what to visit first. Hence, we have decided to help you. Here are the top-rated tourist attractions in New Hampshire to start with.

Franconia Notch State Park for adventurers and nature lovers

This is one of the numerous state parks in New Hampshire. Nature lovers can engage in various activities there, from going hiking to cycling through magnificent areas. Fishers can also go fishing and enjoy their sport and the landscape at the same time. The park also includes the Flume Gorge, the Cannon Mountain Aerial tramway, and the 25,000-year-old pothole with the Eastern Brook Trout.

The Flume Gorge, one of the top-rated tourist attractions in New Hampshire.
If you are a nature lover, visit Franconia Notch State Park.

Strawberry Banke for history lovers

This is a perfect place for all those who love history, tradition and enjoy exploring what life was like a long time ago. In Strawberry Banke, you can learn about old crafts, tools, architecture, and heritage. Both children and the adults are fascinated by the costumed actors who welcome the visitors and introduce them to the story of this unique place. While walking around this outdoor museum, you can observe over 40 colonial buildings restored to resemble buildings in the past.

Tourists and locals love Hampton Beach

Despite the small size of its seacoast, New Hampshire hides one of the best beach resorts which certainly deserves its place on the list of the top-rated tourist attractions in New Hampshire. Hampton Beach offers much more than sunbathing and swimming. There, you can enjoy walking around parks, delicious cuisine, going deep-sea fishing, and much more. If you happen to visit this town in June, you get a chance to attend a one-of-a-kind event – Hampton Beach Master Sand Competition. In the evening, you can go to concerts, watch movies on the white-sand beach, or enjoy the fireworks.

A sunset at Hampton Beach.
Everybody loves Hampton Beach.

Story Land – one of the top-rated family-friendly tourist attractions in New Hampshire

One of the reasons why kids usually want their parents to contact Preferred Movers and eventually move here is undoubtedly Story Land. If you have ever wanted to bring your favorite fairy tale to life, this charming amusement park is your chance. Board the Cinderella’s pumpkin coach, sail with pirates on a pirate ship, take a ride around the lake on a swan boat, or take you’re a tour around the place in an antique car. Every year, Story Land adds a few more creative activities to the list to make its visitors happy.  

Currier Museum of Art

Art lovers should head to the Currier Museum of Art whenever they have an opportunity and time. More than 11,000 art pieces are displayed there. From photos and paintings over sculptures to antiques, you can enjoy this huge and highly diverse collection. A part of the museum that visitors also pay great attention to is the Zimmerman home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Santa’s Village

The place where Christmas magic is available all year round is Santa’s Village. Children become mesmerized right from the entrance when they go through the igloo gatehouse. If you are going through the adaptation period after relocation, this is a perfect place to take your children to and help them cope with this change. At Santa’s Village, you can try the Skyway Sleigh and get an overview of the whole park. If you have small kids, the Peppermint Twist rollercoaster is the right choice. One of everybody’s favorites is the Chimney Drop – a chance to drop down a chimney just like Santa. These adventures are just a tiny part of all those you can experience at this extraordinary amusement park.

The Conway Railroad

As it is home to many picturesque railroad routes, it does not surprise that one of the top-rated tourist attractions in New Hampshire is The Conway Railroad. Right at the North Conway Village, you can board a charming old-fashioned train that can take you on an exciting trip. You can enjoy an hour or five-hour long ride, it is all up to you. Yet, one thing is for sure. Whatever option you choose, you will enjoy some of the most beautiful landscapes in New Hampshire. During the holiday season, the railway has a special Polar Express offer that young children particularly like.  

Does New Hampshire sound like a perfect new home location?

If all the above mentioned tourist attractions in New Hampshire sound interesting, you should know that this state has much more to offer than excellent fun. Namely, it is rated among the top US states to live in regardless of your age. The quality of life is more than satisfying, job opportunities are ample, and there are a lot of breathtaking views and beautiful nature you can enjoy any time. Also, finding a place to live that meets all your criteria and requirements should not be so challenging. Even if you end up in a home a little bit less spacious than you are used to, don’t worry about your belongings. There are secure, clean, and top-quality storage facilities in the vicinity at your disposal, so, once you find a bigger home, you can take your items with you again. It is just as simple as that.

A house-shaped keyring and a house key.
New Hampshire might be a good place to live for you.

Final Thoughts

Top-rated tourist attractions in New Hampshire offer a lot of fun. Interestingly, what starts as an exciting journey might end as a successful search for an ideal place to live. A simple visit to this state can easily cause a desire to give it a chance as your new home. Finding the right one among the charming towns in New Hampshire will not be difficult.

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