Top live music venues in Canada

The great atmosphere, friendly people, discovering new music and exploring new destinations. These are the reasons why we all love live music venues. The chances are that some of your best memories will be tied up with music and great new people you’ve met while having fun. Top live music venues in Canada will let you explore new arts, network and see another side of this amazing country.

Traveling and camping for festivals is fun. However, having great venues just around the corner will make all of the fun less expensive and easily reachable. Besides the great live music festivals, Canada has so much more to offer. Therefore, moving to the land of diversity, fun live music venues, tolerance, and a strong economy would be a great call! This way you will have a chance to change the course of your career, live in a safe environment and visit top live music venues in Canada all around a year.

Canada, the country of diversity and great music events!

Canada at a glance

The list of reasons for moving to Canada or just visiting is long. Therefore let’s take a quick look at the best of Canada:

  • Safety! Whether you are relocating or just visiting another country safety should be a top priority. Low crime rates make Canada one of the safest country in the World! So, visiting one of the top live music venues in Canada will be a fun and safe experience.
  • Great education! Canada is a country that values education. Canadian government puts more funds into education than any other in the World! This means that you can expect to meet a lot of well-educated people and make lifelong friendships. Also, moving to Canada can provide you with great higher education opportunities with fees that are much lower than the ones in the US.

The people! Everyone is welcomed in Canada, so it is really easy to fit in! Canadians are tolerant, polite and the diversities are celebrated.

Canada a great destination for expats and tourists

The great economy and a safe environment make Canada one of the best places for tourists and relocation destinations. Even though it is exciting to think about all of the new opportunities that could be ahead of you, relocation is something you need to plan ahead. Packing, traveling, housing and budgeting are the top priorities. Hiring a reliable long distance moving company do the heavy lifting for you will make everything much easier.

Moving permanently or traveling to Canada for a few months or a gap year will mean that you need to plan your packing and storage. Make sure your belongings are taken care of. Finding safe storage facilities will mean you can focus on having fun and traveling while your boxes are safe.

After taking care of the formalities and tasks it is time to have fun! Let’s start planning your visit to some of the top live music venues in Canada!

Top live music venues in Canada

Someone once said that music is an outburst of the soul, and we do believe that no one can argue with that. Music can make you be more creative, inspire you and improve your mood and productivity.

One of the top live music venues in Canada, confetti in the air
Canada, the country of diversity and great music events!

Being a part of an event where people are friendly, relaxed and love the same music you do will help you find happiness after moving. Making new friendships at a music festival will help you become a part of a great community. Therefore, visiting one of the top live music festivals in Canada will be an amazing experience.

Foufounes Éléctriques, a great live music venue in Montreal

Foufounes Éléctriques is a famous music venue where even Nirvana used to perform.

If you are an underground music and culture fan, Foufounes Éléctriques is the place you will love! Since its opening, in 1983, this club that has 2 concert halls and a dance floor, has quickly become the center of the underground culture. Foufounes Éléctriques has its own community of metal and punk rock fans. Here you can enjoy great music and cheap beer from 4 pm until 3 am.

Windsor Hotel, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Manitoba has a vibrant music community and Windsor Hotel is one of its top live music events. Founded in 1903, this music hall has a rich history, and it is believed that Charly Chaplin used to visit it. It’s all about the blues in Windsor Hotel and some of the Worlds best blues musicians have performed here.

VELD Music Festival, one of the best electronic music festivals in Canada

The fun fact you maybe don’t know about electronic music is that it has a long history. It has changed a lot since the 19th century and it has more and more fans.

For all of the ones that love electronic dance music VELD is the perfect spot. It is an annual music event in Downsview Park in Toronto at the beginning of every August. The festival attracts many people and famous artists like Avicii, Armin Van Buuren, and The Chainsmokers.

The Palomino Smokehouse & Social Club – Calgary, Alberta

The Palomino Smokehouse & Social Club, The Pal, host many live music events of various music genres. Besides having a great music room, The Pal is also famous for the amazing food. Calgary’s favorite smokehouse BBQ will make you fall in love with its live music scene.

Hillside Festival, one of the most popular live music venues in Ontario

Hillside Festival, a three-day long event occurs every July in Guelph, Ontario. It takes only an hour of drive to reach it from Toronto and it is very environment-friendly. Good vibes, great music, and solar-powered stages make it unique. Besides hosting musicians it also offers workshops, hosts word spoken artists and has a kids stage. The festival promotes environmentalism, peace, and equality. You can easily become a part of this vibrant festival community by signing by as a volunteer of a member.

People listening to music at an outdoor music venue
Hillside Festival is an event that has workshops and stages for you and your kids.

Aboriginal drumming, children entertainment, innovating music and environmental learning are the crucial parts of this amazing event. The Hillside festival has won many awards and its green initiatives make it one of the top live music venues in Canada

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