Top European cities for vegans

Traveling on a vegan diet might seem scary at first. You might be worried about finding good food spots even if you’re only considering a diet with fewer animal products. It definitely is true that not all places offer vegan options or just aren’t willing to adjust to your needs. However, if you do a bit of research, you will find that you can easily find many vegan food spots. In relation to this, Europe is especially becoming more accommodating to people who prefer a plant-based diet. You will easily come across cities for vegans all across Europe.

Moreover, if you’re thinking of possibly relocating to Europe as a vegan, research and prepare for unexpected situations. Also, this guide will definitely be of great help. Keep reading to find some of the European cities with the best vegan restaurants and cafes.

Top cities for vegans in Europe

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veggie bowl - cities for vegans
Check out the best European cities for vegans!


Amsterdam is one of the most popular and favorite destinations for a long weekend getaway. Not only does it have amazing views and scenery, but it also offers a large number of bars and restaurants. Luckily, a lot of these are fully vegan or offer vegan options. For example, check out café Vagabond! It is located near the famous Amsterdam canal and is actually a vegan café and shop. Next, you should pay Koffie ende Koeck a visit and give some of their beautiful cakes and treats a try. Don’t worry – they are all completely plant-based. Finally, visit the newly opened Vegan Junk Food Bar. You will be shocked at the sight of some of their stacked vegan burgers, amazingly crispy fries, and other indulgent treats.


Berlin is also amongst the most popular cities for vegans. Informally, it is known as the European capital of plant-based dining. Thus, you cannot even begin to imagine all the options you will have. However, some of the most indulgent and popular places are:

  1. Brammibal’s Donuts – a spot with many different deep-fried donuts, cronuts, and similar treats
  2. Yoyo FoodWorld – an incredibly unbelievable vegan junk food spot
  3. Vöner – is a twist on the Turkish meat kebab, but is completely cruelty-free and vegan!


Edinburgh is becoming one of the more compassionate cities for vegans with each day. Therefore, the number of fantastic vegan and plant-based restaurants, cafes, and bars isn’t lacking in the Scottish capital. For example, Holy cow is a brand new completely vegan as well as organic café, and their burgers are incredible! Additionally, if you’re craving a hearty salad or a warm meal, visit Pumkin Brown! This is a fully vegan café. Specifically, what makes it even more special is the fact that it is pet-friendly!

strawberry smoothie bowl
Give their smoothie bowls a try


If you’re looking for a city for a weekend getaway with a vegan bed and breakfast, Ghent’s got you covered! This Belgian city is the first to make one day of the week fully meat-free! Therefore, look into staying at the Aanaajaanaa – the best fully vegan bed and breakfast in this city! Also, if you’re a fan of all-you-can-eat buffets, check out Komkommertijd and enjoy all their vegan goods!


Gothenburg is Sweden’s second biggest city. Due to this, it has many different on-trend restaurants, shops, cafes, and bars. With this in mind, you can safely begin to plan a move to this Scandinavian country. Since it closely follows all worldwide movements, Gothenburg has seriously jumped on board the vegan train! Consequently, it has since become one of the top cities for vegans in Europe. Therefore, you should visit a food shop called Happy Vegan for a large number of various different snacks and treats. Also, if you are interested in conscious and cruelty-free clothing, visit THRIVE. Furthermore, if you want to get a completely ethical hair treatment experience go to the EcoLinné hair salon.


Groningen is one of the most important cities in Holland. As such, it strives to accommodate everyone’s needs. Therefore, it has a fully vegan supermarket called Vegansuper. Moreover, due to high customer demand, the oldest vegetarian restaurant in Groningen started adding vegan options! Also, for the best ever vegan breakfast go to Anat, and afterward visit De Herbivoor for some amazing cruelty-free cakes.


London is famous for being one of the cities with the largest number of vegan restaurants. It is no secret that there are many incredible vegan food spots in this city. For example, visit the incredible fried ‘’chicken’’ place called the Temple of Hackney. In addition to this, research an in-depth guide to cruelty-free food spots in London for more information.


It’s a big misconception that everything Italy has to offer to people on a plant-based diet is pasta and pizza. However, this is certainly not the case so don’t hesitate to relocate to this amazing country. Moreover, Milan is one of Europe’s top cities for vegans for a reason. It has vegan food spots that you could never even imagine. For example, if you are more adventurous with food, give Joia a try! They offer incredible vegan delicacies only for the brave. Also, Milan has a great vegan kebab spot Universo Vegano. What is probably most amazing about Milan is its very own fully vegan festival – MiVEG! It takes place every single year and includes amazing cruelty-free food options.


Naples is one of the fastest blooming cities for vegans! It already offers a large number of vegan food spots. However, that number is still growing! As it is a city in Italy, check out a pizza with a tofu-mozzarella topping at the incredible Sorbillo. Also, for a great mock meat experience, visit Amico Bio – Un Sorriso Integrale. You will not be able to forget about their seitan cutlets after you give them a try!


Even though France isn’t a popular destination among the plant-based crowd, Strasbourg is one of the best cities for vegans. Therefore, you can easily consider relocating to France if that’s on your wish list. Strasbourg’s very first vegan restaurant Vélicious is a blend of an elegant atmosphere and beautiful baked goods. Additionally, another amazing yet unusual option for this city is the Chez Veg’Anne. It is a food truck which offers various vegan fast food options.

two vegan burgers and fries
Veggie burgers are a must in Strasbourg

Ultimately, there is a number of great cities for vegans in Europe. Whether you are already plant-based or are just getting into this lifestyle, one thing is certain. You will not be hungry wherever you go in Europe!

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