Top eastern European cities for students

If you have in mind studying abroad, and you are interested in eastern Europe, then you are just in the right place. Sadly, this part of Europe is not the most popular, but it has so much to offer to all who come to live here. It has a rich culture, warm and friendly people, and so many beautiful locations. Here, you will find top eastern European cities for students that are perfect for young people who want to continue with their higher education.


The first city in eastern Europe on our list is Prague. Located in the Czech Republic it is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in this part of the world. It has amazing architecture, wonderful museums, and many interesting locations where young people can have fun in their free time. Prague Castle is one of the most popular attractions here. Student life is pretty fun in Prague and you will not regret moving to this wonderful place. In case you decide you want to stay here after you graduate, you should think of selling your apartment.

Zagreb is one of the best eastern European cities for students

The second city on our list that is ideal for students in eastern Europe is Zagreb. This is both the capital and the largest city of Croatia and has to offer so many things to young people. The University of Zagreb is one of the oldest in this part of Europe and is considered to be one of the best universities in the world. Moreover, Zagreb has to offer excellent restaurants and shopping centers. Also, it has museums, cinemas, cafes and other places that you can visit when you have time. If you decide to move to this city in Croatia, you must be prepared to deal with paperwork after your relocation.

Zagreb is great for students.


Thirdly, we have Belgrade, the capital city and the largest city in Serbia. This place is known to be the party center of the Balkans. Therefore, it is great for young persons who love going out with their friends and meeting new people. When studies are in question, Belgrade has to offer excellent education in many fields. Importantly, the people here are very warm and friendly, and you can easily communicate with almost everyone. If you decide that this city in Serbia is the perfect place for you, you need to start creating your moving checklist. Definitely, you will have some items that are very difficult to move and you must know what to do with them.

Belgrade is one of the best eastern European cities for students.
Belgrade has everything that young people love.

St. Petersburg is one of top eastern European cities for students

In the fourth place, there is St. Petersburg. This large city has wonderful museums, amazing and breathtaking buildings, universities that are great. Moreover, it has many churches that you can visit and other cultural attractions that are beautiful. When packing for your move to one of these places, make sure to be eco-friendly and practical. For example, try to use only used boxes and protect our surroundings if possible.


All of these eastern European cities are excellent for students from all parts of the world. No matter which city you choose, you will not regret your decision because all of them are amazing.

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