Top cities in Europe for sophisticated movers

Hidden gems of The Old Continent

When people talk about moving to Europe, you can almost make no misjudgment if you suppose that they are going to suggest moving to some of the most respected cities in Europe. They will probably say that you should move to some of mostly known because of  for example culture of London, bohemian quarters of Paris, strong economy of Berlin, fashion in Milano, nightlife in Amsterdam etc. But, in case that you are an educated person that looks always from something more, who likes to get the best of whatever you are doing, then, we might have recommendations for you. In our next serial of texts, we are going to present to you top places in Europe for sophisticated movers.

In the first article regarding this subject we will say something about:

  • Cadiz(Spain)- city with the longest history in Europe- therefore ideal city for sophisticated movers to Europe, seeking the core of The Old Continent
  • Salzburg(Austria)- One of the biggest medieval castles in Europe is placed here- smooth choice when trying to move to the place in Europe with the refined way of enjoying the view, don’t you think?
  • Padua(Italy)- home to fresco-adorned buildings, beautiful sight for the truly cultivated person.



Moving to cadis

Mentioning Cadiz, and forgetting to mention that it is the oldest constantly populated city of Europe, it was established in 1104 BC, would be so wrong. Also, with the architecture that dates from different periods in history of European civilization, this must be a place to enjoy in day to day life, just walking among these beautiful buildings, without modern style that often ruins the core of the art, so unusual for the biggest part of the rest of the world. That is the reason why many artists, artist lovers, and overall sophisticated people move here unable to resist the silence, the sunset, the overall look of Cadiz! Being that mentioned, doesn’t it sound like the brilliant place to move there and stay for the rest of your life, for a mature, experienced and art loving a person you must be, reading this text?

Cadiz offers the good education, being connected with widely known schools just 60 or 90 minutes away, and with the bus that drives people for the purpose of education. Furthermore, it has the most eclectic collection of shops, where you can find everything you could imagine. The price of homes between 40.000$ and 1.6 million$ means that everybody is welcome here, no matter on money that he or she makes. In the end, for those who love being exposed to Sun, or just looking at it, Cadiz has more Sunny hours a year than any other part of Spain. The sky may remain blue even at night!



The city of Salzburg is a top city for sophisticated people to move to in Europe, regardless on their field of interests. It is most famous for the music because many composers lived and worked here. Mozart is the most famous, and there is plenty more. That is the reason why you can hear that Salzburg is the backdrop for the sound of music. The another important thing in Salzburg is Hohensalzburg castle, one of the biggest castles in Europe. It looms over the city making a beautiful view when looking at it from any part of the city.

In case that you are not that much into historical buildings or history at all, Salzburg is also home to Hangar 7 museum, with vehicles and aircraft produced during history, up to modern cars and formula 1. Being this diverse city, offering much for everybody who comes here(of which we only mentioned couple the most important), I suppose you could find something interesting that would make you choose this city as top to move and settle here as a smooth person.



pauda moving
pauda moving

Padua is mostly known as an alternative to Venice, which is overloaded by tourists not allowing you to enjoy in what it is special for- being romantic and beautiful. Padua is also the setting for Shakespeare’s Timing of the Shrew, so it makes it equally important as Venice, but not that much exploited. Which is great news for you, considering to move to Padua! There are plenty fresco-adorned buildings that you could prize your eyes with, and enjoy what you see for hours, always looking for more.

It has an 800 years old university, ensuring you that a quality of education is high enough, remaining ‘alive’ for so long period of time. Regarding safety- Padua is among safeties cities in Europe, ranking high even in all of Europe based on this criterion.

So, regardless of reason you are discovering top cities to move to in Europe– looking for inner beauty of the city in retirement, or you are coming here as an art lover, or on the other hand you want to move with your family and therefore look for safety and education– Padua is the top city for sophisticated mover like you.


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