Top 6 NYC neighborhoods for European families

You should know that so many European families are drawn to the vibrant and diverse city of New York. And since this is the place where you can experience a unique blend of cultures and opportunities, it is no wonder why you also want to move to this city! The Big Apple offers various career opportunities, great education and healthcare options, lots of attractions and activities, etc. In other words, there are plenty of benefits to raising kids in New York City! But, since you have plans to come to this city from another continent, you might want to continue reading this text! Here, you’ll introduce yourself to the top 6 NYC neighborhoods for European families! Thanks to these options, you’ll be able to find yourself a perfect location to settle down in this bustling metropolis in the US!

1 – First of all, check out what SoHo has at your disposal

Well, even though SoHo is famous for its artistic and trendy atmosphere, it is also a good pick for families! This area is a popular option because it is one of Manhattan’s best neighborhoods to live in. Anyhow, families in SoHo can enjoy easy access to Washington Square Park, kid-friendly restaurants and shops, and more. Also, you’ll like SoHo’s location in Manhattan. Thanks to this benefit, in just a few minutes, your children will reach great schools, activities, etc.

A street in SoHo.
If you prefer an urban lifestyle, your next home should be somewhere in Manhattan!

2 – The Upper West Side is, for sure, one of the best NYC neighborhoods for European families

This is another amazing option in Manhattan for families! The Upper West Side is known for its excellent public and private schools, cultural institutions, and easy access to green spaces. Also, here, you’ll enjoy a family environment, lots of things to see and do, etc.

Of course, when you become a resident, you’ll have enough time to properly explore the entire neighborhood! So, learn how to prepare for leaving Europe, find a home here, and organize a smooth move. Then, when you get your new residence ready for moving in, you should also get a unit for excess belongings. And since there are various storage solutions on the Upper West Side, you can find the right space for your needs in no time. After that, unpack the rest of your items and plan on exploring this neighborhood and having fun with your family!

3 – Reasons to opt for Williamsburg

If you have plans to move to Brooklyn, you won’t make a mistake coming to Williamsburg! Many European families love this place because it offers a more relaxed and artistic atmosphere compared to Manhattan. Anyhow, apart from that, here are a few other benefits of living in Williamsburg:

  • This neighborhood is home to a thriving art scene, street art, and vibrant cultural events! Thanks to that, once you move here, you’ll realize this is the right place where newcomers from Europe feel at home.
  • Williamsburg is also popular for its excellent schools, making it attractive to families looking for quality education options.
  • Its proximity to Manhattan, just one subway stop away, provides easy access to job opportunities while allowing families to enjoy a quieter, more residential environment with waterfront parks and green spaces.
  • Additionally, parents will also like its diverse dining scene, eclectic shops, and sense of community.
  • And, in Williamsburg, your children will get everything they need to grow up!
A school bus in one of the best neighborhoods for European families.
So, if you prefer to live in a suburban area, remember that Brooklyn is home to some of the best NYC neighborhoods for European families!

4 – Move to Park Slope

If you are looking for a place in Brooklyn that will offer you a strong sense of community, leave Europe for Park Slope! Families are drawn to Park Slope for its top-rated public schools, proximity to Prospect Park’s green expanses, and a plethora of family-oriented amenities! Here, your kids will like exploring playgrounds, local boutiques, and farmers’ markets. Also, it is important to know that the neighborhood’s cultural scene is enriched by numerous cultural attractions. Thanks to that, you’ll enjoy spending your time in museums and theaters and checking out diverse dining options. Apart from that, in Park Slope, you’ll notice its welcoming atmosphere, which will help you connect with neighbors and fellow parents.

In other words, with excellent public transportation options for a quick commute to Manhattan, Park Slope offers an ideal setting for families seeking a dynamic urban lifestyle with a focus on quality of life.

5 – Things that make Baychester one of the best NYC neighborhoods for European families

  • This neighborhood in the Bronx offers a more affordable housing market compared to many other parts of New York City.
  • Baychester boasts excellent parks and recreational opportunities for families. So, once you make moving enjoyable and settle down, you can expect to have lots of fun exploring Pelham Bay Park, Orchard Beach, etc.
  • This neighborhood also has a diverse community, which may feel familiar and welcoming to European expats.
  • Additionally, Baychester has good access to public transportation, so you can easily commute to other parts of the city.
  • Another reason why Baychester is popular among families is because it offers a more suburban feel within the city!
Family walk.
Anyhow, make sure to explore various areas in NYC to pick the right place to become your new home!

6 – Also, check out what Forest Hills has to offer

If you are interested in living in Queens, you should consider moving to Forest Hills! Families adore this neighborhood because it offers a serene and family-friendly environment. Forest Hills is known for its tree-lined streets, charming Tudor-style homes, great transportation options, and proximity to lush green spaces. In other words, you can rest knowing this neighborhood provides a safe and welcoming atmosphere for families! Also, in Forest Hills, you can find excellent public and private schools. Apart from that, in this diverse community, parents will enjoy a variety of shops, restaurants, and cultural activities.

In the end, there are plenty of reasons why Forest Hills stands out as one of the top NYC neighborhoods for European families. So, if you are looking for a place that offers a balance between suburban tranquility and urban convenience, you won’t make a mistake relocating to Forest Hills!

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