Top 6 Canadian cities for digital nomads

In the case that you are a digital nomad and you currently live in Europe, you might want to think about where to move next. If you are thinking about moving to another continent and starting over in a totally new environment, you should definitely think about Canada. After conducting a careful analysis, we have selected the top 6 Canadian cities for digital nomads that you should definitely experience. Be sure that each of these cities is a suitable option for you and you will definitely love your new home destination whichever city you choose. On the other hand, it is crucial to know how to organize your move. The stress-free relocation guide will help you orchestrate the process with no major difficulties. Finally, here is all you should know about these cities and how to settle in the one you choose.

The top 6 Canadian cities for digital nomads you should consider

Canada has always been known as one of the most popular and suitable states for living. But, when we talk about digital nomads, here are the places that you should think about:

  • Victoria.
  • Kingston.
  • Toronto is one of the Canadian cities for digital nomads.
  • Ottawa.
  • Montreal.
  • Halifax.

No matter which of these cities you choose, you can expect an enjoyable and pretty fast adaptation period. Remember that some of them are also on the list of the most popular places in Canada among Europeans.


First of all, let’s start with Victoria. Not only is this one of the best Canadian cities for digital nomads, but in general, Victoria is one of the most popular cities for living in entire Canada. The economy in Victoria is strong and there are a lot of opportunities for digital nomads. Also, there are great options in the real estate market, amazing outdoor activities, and many other things. Thus, you can expect that you will adapt with ease to Victoria and you will absolutely love this amazing city. Just take a look at the 5 things Europeans must know before moving to Canada and prepare properly for the upcoming move.

Victoria as one of the Canadian cities for digital nomads.
The economic situation in Victoria is stable.


Kingston is another city for digital nomads. Even if this city has a population of over 136,000 people, Kingston is known for having a stable economy and great business opportunities. You can expect suitable prices in the residential and commercial real estate market. In Kingston, people are friendly, and making new friends will not be a problem at all. You can also experience great outdoor activities and you will have an amazing time. Also, finding a suitable office space for your company is a simple thing. Speaking of how you can improve it, you can think about different options. One of the solutions is to put in new furniture and make your office space comfortable even more.

Now when we talk about how you can transport your furniture, you should look for professional furniture movers who can transport it to your new office. Since we are talking about Kingston, you can be sure that you will find assistance for this job and transport your furniture in the simplest way.

Toronto is one of the Canadian cities for digital nomads

Logically, one of the Canadian cities for digital nomads is Toronto. This is one of the most popular cities in Canada and a lot of people are choosing Toronto as their new option for living. This city has a strong economy, a strong job market, plenty of companies, and many other benefits. So, as a digital nomad who is relocating from Europe, you can expect great options in Toronto and you can be sure that you will love this amazing city.

When we talk about how you can settle in Toronto, getting assistance from Professional Movers Canada is the smartest decision you can make. These experienced, trustworthy experts will give their best to provide you with top-quality services and make your transition as easy and pleasant as possible.

Toronto city view.
Toronto offers great opportunities and chances for living.


The capital of Canada, Ottawa, is another suitable city for digital nomads. In Ottawa, you can find great job options, a strong IT industry, and many other benefits. Also, Ottawa is known for having suitable options for living. It means that no matter if you are planning to rent or buy a place in Ottawa, you can find great solutions. Also, Ottawa has great outdoor activities, and adapting to this city will be a simple thing. Just see what things to know before moving to Ottawa, so you can prepare properly for the process.


If you are moving from France to Canada, Montreal can be the perfect option for your needs! This city is known as bilingual. So, the languages that are spoken here are English and French. There are a good number of companies and making new partnerships is a possible option. In the case that you are planning to move your digital business to Canada, just see the guide Europe to Canada business relocation and you will organize the process properly.

Montreal is one of the most suitable cities for digital nomads.


Finally, the last one on the list of Canadian cities for digital nomads is Halifax. Known as an affordable city in Canada, Halifax has great job options and plenty of other opportunities for living. In Halifax, you can expect that you will adapt with ease and you will love living in this amazing city. For digital nomads, you can expect that you will find great office spaces where you can start your company.

These Canadian cities for digital nomads are suitable for living

As you can see, these are Canadian cities for digital nomads. Each of them offers numerous opportunities for pursuing extraordinary careers and enjoying a pleasant, rewarding, satisfying life. No matter which of them you choose, you will not make a mistake. Yet, before making the final decision, weigh your options, requirements, and expectations, and then decide.

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