Top 6 California cities for digital nomads

Since many digital nomads are moving to California, today we will show you some of the best California cities for them. Even though the Golden State (California) is well-known for its beach culture and mild climate, there is much more to the state than its beaches and outdoor recreation. The chic urban centers of California are bursting at the seams with excellent dining options, exciting nightlife, and fascinating museums. Many people believe that this state is simply too expensive (and some parts of it are) but there are cities and neighborhoods where you can rent or buy a place for a reasonable price. So, without further ado, here are the top 6 California cities for digital nomads.

San Diego is our favorite city

San Diego’s mild climate and stunning coastline make it an ideal place to enjoy the outdoors. Digital nomads who enjoy nature will love it here.  This coastal city in sunny Southern California has a reputation for surfing and a laid-back atmosphere, but it also boasts a charming historic core and world-class cultural institutions. Even retirees love this place.

San Diego is a great place for families with young children to visit. Popular family destinations in San Diego include the Zoo, Balboa Park’s 1,400 acres, and the Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. A lot of people visit San Diego because of its beautiful weather and abundance of outdoor activities. Canoeing in secluded inlets, bicycling along the beach, and sailing in San Diego Bay are just a few of the best outdoor activities.

This city is also great if you are moving here with a partner who is looking for a job since there are plenty of great job opportunities to be found here. European digital nomads love this place even more than Miami. So, make sure to research this place now.

San Diego, one of the top 6 California cities for digital nomads.
San Diego is always a good choice.

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, California, is a charming city to visit or settle down in permanently, whether you have or do not have children. It is tucked away on a gorgeous crescent of the Central California coast. This trendy seaside community offers it all, from stunning water views to excellent hiking opportunities to a charming historic district and a culinary scene that puts an emphasis on locally sourced, organic ingredients. A total of twenty-five miles of sandy beaches along the Pacific Ocean in this city. This city is simply not a big city. Los Angeles and San Francisco are two great options if you’re seeking a major metropolitan area. Those options are top-notch, for sure. Naturally, it’s going to cost you a little more since they are the two most expensive cities in California. There are more tourists and beachgoers here than in the average city.

Oakland is technically a suburb of San Francisco

Oakland is a city in its own right and also a suburb of San Francisco, located about 12 miles distant (about 20-minute across the Bay Bridge). These days, hipsters, millennials, and working professionals can get everything they need in Oakland, thanks to the area’s influx of chic new eateries. Many people have left San Francisco for Oakland during the past decade due to the prohibitive expense of living there. Currently, it is becoming as hip as San Francisco. Many people visit Oakland each year for the city’s many outdoor events, street fairs, and cultural events. The Oakland Art Murmur every month combines live music, exquisite street food, and gallery receptions and should not be missed. If this looks like a perfect place for you make sure to find experts in the area to help you out with moving in.

Oakland at night
For a suburb, Oakland is a pretty fun place.


Sacramento, the state capital and a beautiful small city, is worth the trip south from San Francisco. But it can also be a great place to settle down. We noticed many digital nomads live here.  It’s a wonderful rest point for travelers between San Francisco (93 miles distant) and Lake Tahoe (about 100 miles farther north). A trip from this city to Tahoe City can be completed in under two hours during non-peak travel times. So, as you can see there is plenty to do and see around here.  Both digital nomads and young professionals will find this to be an excellent option. There is a charming historic district in Sacramento called Old Sacramento, which dates all the way back to the Gold Rush era.

If you are looking at California cities for digital nomads with a small-town vibe, check out San Luis Obispo

San Luis Obispo is one of the most attractive cities in California due to its combination of a mild climate and welcoming small-town atmosphere. For the most part of the year, the weather will be warm and sunny, and the sky will be clear. San Luis Obispo is located on California’s Central Coast. This city has been known to be the happiest place (city) in America and the title is well-deserved. The city’s central business district is ideal for strolling, thanks to its peaceful, tree-lined alleys and attractive mix of Spanish-style and 19th-century architecture. Restaurants and stores owned by locals can be found in the downtown buildings, and the riverfront establishments on Higuera Street are especially welcoming. If you are rushing to get your white picket fence, make sure to call

a person writing down a list.
How do you like our list so far? We have a few more ready for you.

Honorable mentions

As you can see we left out the biggest and most popular cities. There is no need to mention them. Everybody knows all about LA right? With that being said we need to tell you that there are plenty of good options you should look into. Here is a short list of towns you should take a look at once you are done reading our text.

  1. Berkeley
  2. Monterey
  3. Palm Springs
  4. Eureka
  5. Healdsburg
  6. Palo Alto
  7. Los Gatos

All of those are great California cities you simply must check out. Maybe the perfect place for you is right here on the list.

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