Top 5 most charming US states

Moving to the USA is a dream come true for many European citizens. If you’re one of the dreamers – stick around. After reading this article you might get a glimpse of your new home-state over the Atlantic Ocean. In the text below we’ll try to get you familiar with some of the most charming US states. Every US state has its own undeniably unique charm. That being said – making a list of the top 5 most charming US states wasn’t so easy. Please don’t mind if some of your favorites don’t make it up here. Anyway, we’re sure you’ll have fun.


Ah, the famous Sunshine State. If you’re a party goer, you’re destined to end up in Florida. Alright, that’s a bit far-fetched but really, if you like some wild outdoor parties, you’re gonna love Florida. Oh, you’d rather live in some quiet little town? Florida also has small neatly-cut-lawn suburbia you’ll certainly enjoy.

New Hampshire

Let’s move towards the North, to the place where once the great J.D. Salinger went to find his peace. And he found it. He was practically unreachable for the media. Moving off-topic here, let’s get back to NH. New Hampshire is a beautiful state in the New England region of the USA. People in love with camping, hiking, and similar outdoor activities will find NH most attractive. The state is also known for its long-distance moving crews. Having them in your neighborhood, you can be sure that any part of the state is within reach.

Road through the woods, New Hampshire.
The beautiful natural scenery in New Hampshire will surely provoke some lovely feelings in most admirers of the outdoors.

New Jersey

Also known as the Garden State, New Jersey is quite of a gem. There’s nothing that screams USA more than Jersey’s own family-friendly suburbia. Imagine this: you’re sitting on your front porch with a couple of friends, the sound of crickets as your background music, and a lazy Sunday morning ahead of you. That’s basically how Jersey feels like. It’s also home to some of the safest neighborhoods in the USA and, of course, amazing nature just a few miles away from settlements.


This one’s no surprise. Probably the least urbanized state in the US, Alaska is home to idyllic winter landscapes. If you can take the cruel yet partly romantic weather, you’re in for a treat. In other words – you are worthy of its beauty. Do you know what would be the best? Just look upon Juno on Google Images. Pictures tell a thousand words.

Beautiful Alaskan nature. Alaska is definitely one of the most charming US states.
If you can take the sometimes extreme conditions in Alaska, you’ll be able to see some amazing nature.


Who hasn’t heard of the Great Salt Lake? Of course, that what pretty predictable: everybody knows this natural miracle. That’s not the only thing Utah has to offer. There’s the famous basketball team – Utah Jazz, of course. Alright, that was pretty subjective. Anyway, let’s sum it up. Why is Utah one of the most charming US states? Friendly people, beautiful nature and the countryside, Salt Lake City, and a famous basketball team. We did it again… To see the fun side of Utah watch the movie SLC punk. It’s pretty charming.

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