Top 5 kid-friendly cities in Europe

We are willing to bet you have never thought that Europe has some of the best places where you can raise a family. But, don`t let the nickname `Old Continent` fool you! Europe is not just for older, sophisticated cities for sophisticated people. Contrary to popular belief, there are so many kid-friendly cities in Europe. The best part is that because there are so many of them, they can fit every child`s likes and dislikes. Here is our pick for top 5 such cities!

Amsterdam – The most surprising of kid-friendly cities in Europe

That`s right, you read that correctly! Amsterdam indeed is one of the best cities in Europe for kids. And right about now you must be wondering how is that possible, considering what we all know and have heard about Amsterdam. But don`t let those stereotypes fool you. Amsterdam is the perfect place for boating adventures, and for those kids that love those types of activities. Thanks to its numerous canals, you can explore almost entire Amsterdam by a boat! Amsterdam is also famous as a bike-friendly city, so rent bikes for your family and get on a sightseeing tour around this wonderful city. Other spots to visit in this picturesque place:

  • Anne Frank House
  • Science Center NEMO
  • Artis Royal Zoo
  • National Maritime Museum
  • Vondelpark

As a cherry on top, food in Amsterdam will please all of your taste buds. Help yourself to a pancake while admiring a giant Dutch clog – you won`t regret it!

Amsterdam at night.
How surprised were you when you to found out that Amsterdam is one of the most kid-friendly cities in Europe?

Rome – Perfect for kids interested in myths and ancient history

Ah, the idyllic Rome! Let`s be honest, this one is perfect for both children and adults of all ages. Rome has it all. Historical monuments, fashion, architecture, the captivating Italian spirit – you can find it all in this ancient city. And, say hello to world-famous Italian food, such as pizza, pasta, and gelato. Have you ever met a kid that does not adore gelato? Didn`t think so. Also, if you want to make your Italian adventure more versatile, you can make a short trip to the Vatican, where both you and your kids are guaranteed to have an educational time if nothing else. All of the above-mentioned activities make Rome the perfect city for a family in Europe.

In order to make your visit to Rome easier, here is a short list of all the family-friendly attractions you simply cannot miss:

  • The Colosseum
  • Roman Forum
  • The Sistine Chapel
  • Gladiator School of Rome – visit this attraction and you will see exactly why Rome is considered to be one of the most kid-friendly cities in Europe.

This is why Rome is considered to be not only a perfect city for a family but also one of the best European coastal cities to move to.

The Colosseum in Rome, one of the most kid-friendly cities in Europe.
Rome is the cradle of an ancient civilization.

Paris – not just a city for romantics but also for entire families

It is true, Paris is a romantic city, the city of lights. It is also one of the top fashion cities in Europe. However, Paris has so much more to offer. But what makes this city such a perfect kid-friendly destination in Europe? One of the answers is the presence of many, many parks. Parks of all shapes and sizes. Each park has a story of its own, and some of them include:

  •  Bois de Vincennes – has a medieval castle and a lake situated amid a magical forest
  • Parc de la Villette – has a huge dragon sculpture
  • Jardin du Luxembourg – has a vintage model boating lake, carousel, and an adventure playground

And these are just some of your options! If you finish visiting all of these parks and still have a lot of time on your hands, there are so many more exciting things to do in Paris. Ever heard of the Eiffel Tower? Thought so. Both you and your kids will be fascinated by the twinkling lights of this majestic monument. That is a moment your entire family will cherish forever.

A picture of Paris during sunset.
Paris is one of the most iconic cities in the world, and you are guaranteed to like it!

Halkidiki – An entire region in Greece

Okay, so depending on where you are from, there is a possibility you have never even heard of Halkidiki. Which means that right about now you are surprised and are wondering why that would make a great family-friendly destination in entire Europe. You will figure out the answer for yourself after about 5 minutes spent anywhere in Halkidiki on a sunny day.

As mentioned above, Halkidiki is a region in Greece, and it has some of the most beautiful beaches around. Almost all of the cities in Halkidiki are pretty small, so they are perfect for raising a family, or even just for a vacation. You will feel that homey, welcoming vibe right away. There are numerous turquoise beaches that offer all sorts of water-related activities, such as a banana ride for the entire family. And after a fun day at the beach, you and your kids get a chance to relax in numerous cafes, restaurants, and taverns while listening to Greek music. Ah, what could be better?!

Copenhagen – Another bicycle-friendly capital city

Let’s begin with a fun fact. Where you aware that nine out of ten people in Denmark own a bike? And not only do they own it, but they also use it. So if your kids love spending their days on a bike, or just being active, you have possibly found the perfect place for your family! But hey, bikes are not the only thing this amazing city has to offer. If your kid is into fairy tales, go and visit the King`s Garden Park. It has a statue of Little Mermaid, as well as an adventure playground. Oh, and one more thing. Some of the most enchanting castles are only half an hour away! We don`t know about you, but in our book that makes Copenhagen an awesome European city for a family.

So, there they are, the gems of the Old Continent. By choosing one of these five amazing kid-friendly cities in Europe you can`t go wrong. Whether it`s a permanent residence or just a vacation in question, we`ve got you covered. Waste no second, but hire reliable movers and Europe, and start having that family fun you all deserve!

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