Top 4 New Jersey cities Europeans are moving to

The state of New Jersey has, in recent years, seen a drastic increase in immigration. Some estimates say that it is home to around 2 million foreigners. However, the numbers are, apparently, bound to go even higher! The state is truly appreciative of the new residents, considering it is pretty much dependent on them when talking about its economy. Because of the good living conditions it offers to newcomers, people from all over the world, including Europe, are looking for the best places in New Jersey to relocate to. In case that someone is you, you’re in luck! We’ve made a list of the top 4 New Jersey cities particularly attractive to Europeans.

Jersey City

One of the favorite New Jersey cities to many certainly is Jersey City. Located in Hudson County, this place is actually the third-largest in the New York metropolitan area. Its transit system is widely known as one of the best ones within the country, making everyday commuting a lot easier. Considering its close proximity to NYC, it’s natural that more and more people are thinking of relocating here. After all, it isn’t as big and loud as the city that never sleeps but still manages to share its soul.

Chances are this place could be the right one for you. However, bear in mind that long-distance moving requires a whole set of preparations. While the process might not be the smoothest one, it’s far from impossible. Reliable crews can take you there so hiring a suitable moving company is your best bet!

Jersey City
Jersey City, with its beautiful landscape and a stellar transit system, is a perfect place to move to.


The most populated city of New Jersey is actually among the oldest ones in the US. Europeans have started coming here in the 17th century and continue to do so to this very day. It is also the second-biggest city of the New York Metropolitan area and home to a famous commercial airport, Newark Liberty International Airport. It lies on the Passaic River and has its own port, Port Newark, which is the center of shipping activities in the region.

The photo of the Sacred Heart Cathedral, Newark, United States
Thanks to it being one of the oldest New Jersey cities, Newark has plenty of architectural wonders to be proud of.

Lawrence Township

While this township isn’t particularly attractive to people from the old continent, it definitely should be! It is fairly small with a population of just above 30,000. However, it deserves an honorable mention as it’s considered one of the safest places in the US. Since some big New Jersey cities can’t offer you that kind of assurance, the safety factor makes this town a perfect relocation choice for families with children.

If you happen to be looking for an ideal spot for raising your children, consider moving here. If you decide to start calling it home, people at will be there to guide you through the process.


This second township on the list has actually been named after the British town of Bridgewater. It’s home to a large population of people originally coming from Italy, Ireland, Germany, and Poland. Despite it not being one of the popular New Jersey cities, it still ranks as one of America’s best places for living. The latter is no surprise, as the suburb is packed with plenty of parks for people to admire. In addition, the area also has a plethora of extraordinary restaurants.