Top 4 cities on the US west coast for freelancers

Being a freelancer has many pros and one of them is that you can live wherever you want. You are not attached to the office because the office is always with you. But, some cities have more freelancers than others. Why is that? The most important factor is tax benefits. Other factors are outdoor activities, the number of co-working spaces, and nightlife. If you want to live on the West Coast of the USA (California, Oregon, or Washington), then choose the right city first. There are cities on the US west coast for freelancers, so consider moving to one of them in the future.

The list of cities on the US west coast for freelancers

Before you pack a home office and start with your relocation process, the first step is to choose the right location for you as a freelancer. Technology is developing and the number of freelancers is higher and higher. For example, in 2019, there were 28% freelancers, while that rate in 2014 was 17%. Currently, that number is 39%.

Map of cities on the US west coast for freelancers.
Choose the best city for you as a freelancer.

Pros of being a freelancer are:

  • You are choosing clients
  • Control of workload
  • Time flexibility
  • Independence
  • Traveling

Norwalk, California

Norwalk is located in Los Angeles County but the average rent is lower than in other places around and that attracts people to move here. You can settle in with specialists’ help from this area and you don’t have anything to worry about after choosing one of the best cities on the US west coast for freelancers.

Oakland, California

Consider California as your home because not only that it is one of the best states for freelancers on the West Coast, but also, in the USA. The self-employment rate in Oakland, CA is 12.8% and the job growth is high. Oakland is a big city in California with lots of young professionals and families.

Los Angeles, California

If you are not from the USA, California is a great state for ex-pats for many different reasons. LA as one of the most popular cities in the United States has a lot to offer. This city has the highest self-employment rate now, at 17%.

Portland, Oregon

The only city on this list that is not located in California is Portland. The economy here is strong and a freelance culture is established.

A woman researching online.
Move with ease to a new place with the right helpers.

How to move your belongings?

According to moving specialists from Family Affair Moving, the easiest way to transport all your items is to hire a reliable moving company with experience. Make sure they are reputable and check their online ratings if you don’t have recommendations from family and friends.

Time to move!

After choosing one of the cities on the US west coast for freelancers, search for movers online. Contact a few of them and hire the best company for your needs. Consider hiring a local mover on time to avoid stress and because they already know this area. If you are moving to California (which is considered one of the best states for freelancers in the USA), research movers from California and make your relocation easy.

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