Top 3 cities in Florida popular among European ex-pats

Many individuals hope to live in the Sunshine State at some point in their lives. When relocating across the seas, you want to know that you will enjoy your new surroundings. Florida has a wide range of physical and mental activities for everyone to love. Today we’ll show you the top 3 cities in Florida popular among European ex-pats.

Tallahassee is one of the cities in Florida popular among European ex-pats

Moving to Florida’s capital is a highly recommended option. The city has a population of around 200,000 people, making it the eighth-biggest city in Florida. This wonderful location will provide you with a lively ambiance and several entertainment opportunities. The city’s geography is mainly rocky, which is the opposite of the Florida norm.

Indulge in a range of different activities in Tallahassee

These hills, on the other hand, allow you to indulge in a range of physical activities such as:

  • hiking with your new friends
  • going on nice walks with your family
  • riding a bike through the city

Because the region is home to some of the most elite institutions, the population is getting younger as more people arrive every year. If you feel stressed about handling your short move, figure out how to do it fast while still being effective.

A man smiling while holding a notebook in his office in Florida;
Your new job is eagerly awaiting you in Tallahassee.

You will also find many business opportunities, as well as a rich cultural and artistic scene to appreciate.


We can’t talk about entertainment without discussing Tampa. The city has several business centers and it’s located on the Florida Gulf Coast.  Furthermore, the city’s healthcare is of great quality. As a result of all of this, many younger professionals have flocked to the city, where there are numerous work prospects. It has almost 400,000 people. If you’re a digital nomad, Tampa can take care of your needs.

Beers on the table;
Everyday tasks will be endurable with a night out in one of your favorite bars in Tampa.

Here you can find many nightclubs, museums, and pubs that are very popular among European ex-pats.

Professional movers will be essential when relocating to one of the locations in Florida

You will require expert assistance while moving from Europe to Florida. As a result, be sure to discover and contact specialists in this industry that can provide you with all of the services you require, such as furniture moving and storage. For starters, we suggest browsing Best Movers in Florida


Sarasota has a unique character that separates it from Florida’s neighboring coastal cities, with its dynamic arts scene and thriving food culture. People who pick Sarasota as their home are often drawn to its distinct appeal. This metro region of little more than 800,000 people is home to a renowned opera theater and a multitude of rooftop bars. The Gulf Coast of Florida is lined by beaches, so there is no lack of recreational activities for locals.

Palm tree on the beach;
Imagine yourself and your family walking through Sarasota beaches while dipping your toes in the sand.

Sarasota has many popular outposts, including Lido Key Beach and Siesta Key Beach. Both of which are known for their beautiful, white sand.

Friends can help you pack for your move to Florida

Moving is a procedure that might take a long time. As a result, many people get unhappy. Packing is the most annoying aspect of any relocation. Fortunately, there are several benefits where your friends can support you with packing for your move. Without a strong strategy, this can be frustrating.


To conclude, we mentioned the top 3 cities in Florida popular among European ex-pats. They all have fantastic career possibilities, a lot of varieties, and beautiful homes. Don’t lose time and hire movers to help you with your move from Europe to Florida as soon as you can.

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