Tips on how to immigrate to the European Union

Europe is known for the quality of life in its countries. Especially the EU part of Europe. Being that not all the countries in Europe are the members of European Union, in case you didn’t know. The EU members actually are the top countries when it comes to searching a better life in Europe. It’s not surprising because those countries are the best in most of the life aspects. The economy being one of them. So, the question: How to immigrate to the European Union?- isn’t weird at all. In fact, it’s pretty normal and logical to move to a country with a strong economy, with high life standard, and top quality of lifestyle. That’s why Europe is among the top destinations for immigration in the past few decades. Actually, EU part of Europe. Here are some tips on how to immigrate to the European Union.

Immigrate to EU and improve your life standard!
Find a way to immigrate to the European Union- improve the quality of your life!

Top tips about the ways to immigrate to the European Union

The immigration to EU has a long history. Being that EU consists of 28 countries, it’s a bit hard to give some unique recipe for immigration. All of those EU countries have different immigration politics and different immigration laws.  But there are some global ways of becoming a citizen in every country of the world, therefore EU too. So we shall give you several pieces of advice on how you could try to immigrate to EU.  After that, we’ll give you some hints to those countries that you might gain the citizenship, and what they require for that.

  • Immigrating to EU as a skilled worker- How to achieve the goal of becoming a Euro-immigrant throughout the employment in one of its countries.
  • Self-employing or retiring to immigrate to EU- Starting your own business in EEC qualifies you to apply for a citizenship in the European Union.
  • Students immigration to the European Union- Attending a university in EU is also a way to immigrate.
  • EU country immigration marrying an EU citizen- Marrying someone already having a citizenship of EU country makes you able to legally immigrate EU as EU citizen.
  • The European Union members with the least strict immigration politics- The explanations what you need to do to immigrate to the EU countries welcoming newcomers.

Gaining EU citizenship as a skilled worker

There are 28 EU members, find a way to immigrate to one!
Pick Euro member and find a solution to immigrate there

You’ve got some wanted skill not too many people in EU have? Then it’s pretty easy for you to immigrate to the European Union! All you need to do is to get a job in some EU country and get the confirmation that you have a certain income (salary) in a future for a significant period of time. What you need to know is that there is a great difference in EU regarding the amount of salary you need to be granted a work permit.

For example, in Ireland, that limit is above 36.000€. On the other hand, in Denmark, the limit is at 66.000€. We’re talking about getting a work permit because it’s the first step to gaining a citizenship. After you spend a certain number of years working and living in each country, you get the permission to apply for permanent residence permit. Yet after a few more years of living in EU country as a permanent resident, you get to apply for a citizenship. Then you might become European Union citizen.  And that’s what you want!

Immigrating to EU to start/relocate your own business, or for retirement

Many EU member countries offer you to immigrate through starting a company there or investing a considerable amount of money in business there. So if you’re someone who’s willing to do this, it’s maybe the easiest way of gaining EU citizenship. If you’re gonna do this, you must prove that you earn enough money, or you’re gonna make, to support yourself while living there. Another reason is to prove that you’re not entering the country to suck off its resources. Also, you could be requested to prove that you have a certain amount of money on your bank account (the amount varies from country to country).

Besides your business, you have the opportunity to immigrate to former EC territory after you retire. This way, you’re granted a permission to live in a Euro member state. But, you also need to have a certain amount of money on your account in the bank, so you could have enough to support yourself while living in that country. Being that the prices and the standard, as well as the salary and pension, differ, so differs the amount needed to be granted a retirement permit for EU immigrants.

Immigrating to Eurozone to attend a University

Immigrate to European Union by attending some EU university
The best way to immigrate to EU is to go to EU university

There are multiple benefits if you choose this way to immigrate to the European Union. First, you get a residence permit while studying in the EU country. Second, you’ll probably be able to work owning that kind of permit. Third, and maybe the most important, you get to acquire the knowledge wanted in the European Union. And gaining that knowledge allows you to work there after you graduate! So, in case you’re able to apply for some school in the territory of EU, it’s the best way to immigrate there!

Immigrate to EU by marrying an EU citizen!

Probably the easiest way of gaining EU citizenship is by marrying someone already owning it. Be careful here. Don’t do that just because of the paperwork! There are strict laws against this in each EU member. If you’re lucky enough to find the love of your life in the European Union, that’s great. You have a bonus benefit to the love! But if not, and you get married just to get a citizenship, you might get a tough verdict.

You might get to serve many years in prison. There are some smaller punishments, the easiest one is to be forbidden to enter EU for some number of years, or for life! So this is just a way to immigrate to the European Union legally if you’re becoming a spouse to a citizen of EU. If you want to trick the authorities of an EU member country, don’t play with this, it’s dangerous.

The easiest European Union countries to gain citizenship

Immigrate to EU by purchasing a property in Greece

If you get granted a ‘D’ visa, you may become a citizen of Greece. All you need to do to immigrate legally to the European Union this way is to invest at least 250.000€ in property in Greece. It brings multiple choices to you. Being that Greece is on the sea with almost all of its territory, buying a property here means being able to enjoy the sea for all of the year!

Get a low tax for your company by immigrating to Cyprus

The tax for residents of Cyprus is just 12.5%! But there is a catch, you might say. You need to invest at least 300.000€ in real estate of Cyprus to get the opportunity to enjoy it. If you have that much at your disposal, we strongly recommend you do that! Cyprus is one of the most beautiful islands in the world!

Immigrate to the European Union by gaining a citizenship in Malta

Malta is another low-tax Euro member. It offers a 15% tax rate for the businesses of its residents. And what you need to do to become the citizen of Malta? Well, there are easier and less easy ways. The first way is to donate 650.000€ to the National Development and Social fund, as the main applicant. And also add to that 50.000€ for every adult and 25.000€ for a child immigrating to Malta with you. An alternative to this is to buy a property in Malta worth 350.000€ or more. Or otherwise to buy national bonds for at least 150.000€.

In the end, we should only add some basic conditions if you want to immigrate to the European Union.You mustn’t have a criminal record. You also need to have a knowledge of the language spoken in the Euro member you’re immigrating to.

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