Tips for moving from Europe to Mississippi for work

One of the reasons why people move to another continent is to get a better job. If you are moving from Europe to Mississippi for work soon, it is overwhelming and exciting, but on the other hand, you need to prepare in advance. Moving overseas is not an easy task – both, physically and mentally.

Moving from Europe to Mississippi for work – how to do it properly?

Moving abroad takes time, money, and energy. Start with organize your relocation as soon as possible. Besides packing and transporting your items, you should deal with post-move paperwork, adjusting to a new environment, working on your career, and finding a home for you.

A dream job sign.
Moving for your dream job to another continent may be a good call

After getting your work visa, you can start focusing on other tasks.

Don’t pack all of your items

Moving overseas is more complicated and more expensive. Reserach the climate in Mississippi and choose what clothes to pack. Most people are not moving their furniture to the USA, because it is not cheap.

Move your items to a new home in MS

Being a foreigner in the USA, is not simple. A lot of people are moving to the States for work and it is hand to do everything by yourself. To move your items stress-free hire a moving company such as Spyder Moving because of its reliability and experience. A mover will take care of your belongings while you are finishing other moving-related tasks.

Things to know when moving to MS

It is important to get to know a place where you will move to. Don’t focus only on the paperwork and packing. Adapting to a new culture will be faster and easier if you explore MS. Each state in the USA is different. And Mississippi is too. Get your essential info for newcomers and prepare for a new lifestyle.

Here are some things you should pay attention to.

A globe and a plane with people moving from Europe to Mississippi for work
Before you move from Europe to the USA, know what to expect after moving there

You can move your business from Europe to the USA

If you already have a business, it is possible to expand your business to Mississippi or move it there. Choose the legal structure of your business, find the right location for the office, explore the market and have a detailed business plan.

The costs of living

The good news is that the costs of living in MS are very affordable. This states has the lowest costs of living which is great, especially for newcomers.

Healthcare should be your priority

The healthcare system in Europe is totally different from the healthcare in the USA, including MS. Talk to your company about your insurance and what is covers.

Maternity leave is shorter in the USA

After moving from Europe to Mississippi for work as a woman, if you are planning on having kids, know that you will only have a couple of months of maternity leave (12 weeks unpaid). In most European countries, women have a year of paid maternity leave.

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