Tips for moving for seniors

Sometimes the time comes and you have to move or you want to move to a smaller place or a retirement home. When you are a senior, moving is more difficult than it is for younger persons. Here are some moving tips for seniors, so the move is a little easier.

Prepare for moving day

Moving is stressful for everybody in more than one sense. It is hard physically, hard for both body and mind. When you are senior, it is even harder because of the obvious fact – you are not so strong anymore. Take all the necessary steps so the relocation goes stress-free as possible.

The main thing is to prepare for the moving. If you are moving to a smaller place, bear in mind that it will be easier for you. Smaller place means that you will get around easier and faster. There is a couple of basic things that you have to consider when you are older. Something like a bathroom, for example. You want to make it easier for yourself and let say get to the bathroom faster, and you will be able to do so in a smaller house.

Also, if you are currently living in a house with a lot of stairs and levels, reconsider that and think about moving to a ground level. It is similar to buildings with or without elevator, higher floors etc. All this becomes difficult and annoying when you don’t move and walk as fast as you used to. Therefore, you have to prepare emotionally for a move. Relocation doesn’t have to be a bad thing, especially if you opt for hiring a trustworthy moving company, which Lifetime Moving & Storage definitely is. With them by your side, your relocation will go smooth and stress-free. Moving to a smaller place or at least a safer one will help seniors to stay independent for a longer period.

Ask or hire help, especially for moving for seniors

You probably don’t have to tell a senior citizen that they should ask for help. They are usually perfectly aware of that as well. Actually, they are aware of that at least as it regards to heavy lifting.  However, they might need help in hiring a moving company. In case you are helping a senior to move, make sure that you do this very carefully. There are people who get very difficult when they come to the golden age. Usually, they do not like changes of any kind. If you have to relocate senior to a retirement home, it is probably even more difficult because it is very stressful for them.

Daughter helping moving senior
Make sure that you have enough help during relocation.

You need to research reliable moving companies, especially the ones that have experience in moving for seniors.

Start to prepare for moving day in time. If you are helping a senior to move then you need to be patient. Take one step at the time and try to explain to them what exactly you need to do.

Downsize or declutter

In case you are moving to a smaller place, you will be surely forced to declutter and throw or donate some of your belongings. Have in mind that moving to a smaller home is better for your needs. If you are helping seniors to move than you can help them to decide what will they take with them to a new place.

Moving for seniors is one of the reasons to take out all of their photos and memories.
Moving for seniors is difficult because they also have a lot of memories they want to take.

When you have to downsize you can make different piles. That will help you to decide a little easier when you are moving. Separate all of your belongings on couple piles like:

  1. Belongings you will keep
  2. Things you will donate or give to a family member
  3. Items that you want to throw away

Just bear in mind that this is a very emotional process and you must take it slow. Maybe it will take more time than you thought or if you are helping a senior than prepare for the slow process. Usually, seniors are tightly connected with their belongings. This is often the case with seniors that haven’t moved yet. If you add the stress of moving to a retirement home, you can believe that this is very painful for them.

It doesn’t hurt to save your memories. You just have to be smart about it.

Seniors who are moving with a family

In case you are moving with your family, you need to be considerate. You are aware that you are moving to someone’s home and you have to agree with their way of life mostly. In addition, if you are moving because you need help on a daily bases or maybe you have a health problem and need help, make sure that they can give you what you need. Anyway, make sure that this is the best solution for you and for your family before you start to plan relocation. In any case, it is very important that you are aware of your condition and that you are sure your family can provide you with exactly what you need. Think about retirement home if you are not sure. Where you will be happier after moving? You can explore them together and see what fit your needs the best.

Be careful during a moving

First of all, do not lift or carry heavy things. Maybe you think that you are in a good shape or you want to help during a move, but don’t risk it. Leave the lifting to movers and your helpers. This is not the time for you to throw your back or fall. You can ask somebody to help you pack before movers come. Be careful and keep in mind that moving day is about to start. So, don’t overwork yourself before it starts.

Be extra careful during moving if you have to use stairs.
Be extra careful during moving if you have to use stairs.

Make sure that you don’t leave boxes or other belongings on the pathway. Avoid putting anything in your or movers way and make sure that there aren’t any tripping dangers.

If you have packed your belongings in moving boxes, you can arrange them in one room. On the other hand, if you don’t have a room just for that, then make sure that you pack them properly and leave the hallway cleared.

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