Things to Know Before Moving to Budapest

Moving is a tricky thing. No matter how small or big, it’s life-changing. However, moving to the capital in Europe is a whole other thing, especially if you’re moving there from a small town. New people, different culture, confusing streets. It can all be a bit overwhelming. But, hey, what’s the point of city guides if not to make newcomers such as yourself get around more easily, efficiently and with less stress? There isn’t one, you’re right. So don’t get discouraged before you’ve even started the moving process. There’ll be much to fuss about if you’re looking for that kind of thing. So, instead, just relax and keep reading. We’ve gathered some things to know before moving to Budapest.

Some aspects of moving to Budapest are the same as with any move

So, when it comes to the packing process and a big part of the move itself, things you should know before moving to Budapest are practically the same as for when you’re moving anywhere else. You need to be well prepared, organized, hire good professional movers and don’t stress too much.

First thing’s first

As with moving to any other country, the preparation is similar when it comes to moving to Budapest. Here are some things that are a must but we feel obligated to remind you of anyway:

  • Change your address
    Remembering to update your address on all your documents and subscriptions will save you a lot of trouble later. This is one of the best moving hacks you’ll find. It sounds like a bit of a drag but it’ll pay off in the long run, we promise. Moving to Budapest will seem a bit less scary the first time you get your favorite magazine delivered to your home.
  • Make a deal with a good moving company
    When you do your research and get information about the best companies, you cannot miss. Since you’re moving to Budapest, there are a lot of great ones. Almost all, if not all of them, are completely accustomed to the English language so there shouldn’t be a language barrier whatsoever. If you’ve done this step right you can practically just relax and let movers handle everything for you.
  • Shop for everything that you need online and have it delivered to your new home
    This is without a doubt the smartest way to shop for everything that you’ll need. Be it a huge piece of furniture or some knick-knacks. It’ll be so much easier for you. Just make sure that your address is changed and that there is someone in the house that can receive the delivered items.
A fence with an address number.
It’s a good idea to update your documents with your new address when moving to Budapest.

Moving to Budapest is exciting

There’s a lot of great things about Hungary’s capital. It’s one of the most hospitable environments you’ll have a chance to stumble upon. You certainly won’t regret moving to Budapest, and here are some reasons why:

  • Cuisine
    Seeing that Hungarian cuisine is a mix of their old peasant meals, Italian and Turkish cuisine that came in the 15th and 16th centuries and some modern touches that have recently been added, you really cannot miss. Don’t be quick to give up on some of them just because they don’t look outstandingly fancy. The taste will more than make up for it. This reason alone can be a good one to move to Budapest.
  • It has urban and quieter parts
    The center alone is quite habituated since it’s usually where people’s workplaces are. However, on the outskirts of the city, you have incredibly quiet parts for those of you who are more into getting back to nature and living a peaceful life far from noise.
  • It’s incredibly beautiful
    Since you’re already thinking about moving to Budapest, we’re sure that you’ve seen the pictures. Nonetheless, some things you just have to see in order to fully appreciate them.
  • The people
    As we’ve mentioned before, Hungarian people are very friendly and like to help tourists and foreigners as much as they are able to.
Aromatic assortment of bottles with different spices to illustrate the different tastes you can feel after moving to Budapest.
Hungarian cuisine is one of the most exciting things about moving to Budapest.

Some additional things you might want to know about moving to Budapest

  1. Metro and bus tickets
    Inspections are quite frequent in Budapest and they’re strict as well. The people that are doing the check-ups are not to be messed with. So, sort the payments out on time so as not to have a problem later. It’s best to get your metro card right after you’ve moved to Budapest.
  2. Drivers are actually nice towards pedestrians
    Although it’s always good to be on the lookout, this city’s drivers are much less temperamental and more understanding than in most capitals.
  3. Seasons are noticeable
    If you’re moving from a place where it’s mostly warm with autumn-like winters, this is a good one to know. When it’s winter, it’s winter. Don’t get caught up in the fact that this resembles a fairy tale but rather make sure that you’re prepared. Buy appropriate clothes for this sort of weather.


If you’re moving to Budapest from a big city that has a high crime rate, get ready to take a breath. Most tourists have reported back feeling safe to walk the streets of Budapest. Even in later hours.

A doorknob with a lot of locks for safety.
Moving to Budapest is quite safe. This is especially visible if you’re moving from a bigger, urban city.

Soak in the city

Once the actual ‘moving to Budapest’ part of the equation is over, don’t forget to enjoy it. Oftentimes we get too busy and miss out on all of the things that the city we’re in has to offer. So, get your tourist spirit on and stop to smell the flowers from time to time.

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