The top 6 most difficult things to move

Is it time to move to a new place? Packing and transporting things is part of every moving process. But, what are the most difficult things to move and how to move them? Not all relocations are simple and easy. Sometimes, when people have complicated items to move, the entire process requires more organization and some tips to follow. Especially if you are moving for the first time.

The most difficult things to move and tips on how to move them

Why some things are more difficult to move? What makes them hard to move from one place to another?

Loading items into a moving van.
Know how to deal with packing and moving, and do it like a pro and with ease. Avoid moving injuries at the same time.

Some of the factors that make items difficult to move are:

  • Small chances of survival when moving plants and pets. Especially if you are moving to a place with a totally different climate.
  • Breakable items require more attention and additional protection and care.
  • Moving heavy items is not a job for one person. You will need help with carrying and lifting all those heavy and large pieces of furniture.
  • Items with specific requirements such as beverages, perishable food, ammunition, etc. They are difficult things to move because you need to be prepared and to have special packing supplies.
  • Sentimental value items are hard to move because usually, people want to carry them with them, not to leave those items into a moving vehicle.

What are particular items that are not easy to relocate and what is the solution? Also, you need to take care of property damage when moving and to think about floors, doors, and organize a house, so you can move those items safely. This is the list of 6 items that need extra care when moving.

#1 Plants

Sometimes, if you are moving long-distance, to a place that has a different climate, it is not recommended to move plants at all. Some plants need high temperatures and sun all the time. So, if you are moving to a colder place with a lot of snowy days, you should better give your plants to friends or family members.

If you still want to move plants because they can survive in a new place too, it is possible to do. Moving companies won’t move plants, but you can put them in your car if it is not a long-distance relocation. Check the local regulations in your future state or country and see how much you need to pay if you have some special plant species.

#2 Fishtanks

If you have fish, you know how delicate they are to move. Even if you are moving within the same city. Aquariums are heavy and big, and fish need to be in the water all the time, of course, to survive. Also, keep in mind that moving is stressful for fish.

A moving dolly for difficult things to move.
Use proper moving equipment and supplies to make the moving process simpler. Rent equipment or hire professionals.

Empty most of the water in the fish tank and leave a little because of the good bacteria in the water. Put fish into small containers or bags using your tank water, do not put new water. Transfer fish in your own car, do not leave them in a moving vehicle. Also, movers won’t move pets.

#3 Pool table

If you want a game room in your new home, having a pool table is a good way to start. But, is it possible to move a pool table and how to do it since it is big and heavy. With an experienced moving company, your billiard table transferred safely will be ensured. Disassemble your billiard table and move it in pieces, it is simpler.

#4 Piano

A pool table maybe can be moved without professional help, as well as your bulky furniture. But, moving a piano is not a task that can be done without a specialized moving company. Find a piano mover that can help you move a piano to a new home. They can be very heavy and cannot be disassembled. They can be easily damaged which is an additional risk. The safest way to do it is to hire piano movers near you.

#5 Vehicles

What to do if you need to move a car, a motorcycle, or another vehicle? Some people have a couple of vehicles in the garage, and they cannot be moved easily. It is difficult to drive all the vehicles to a new place, but car transport is one of the solutions. Take the time to find necessary information about car transport and move all your vehicles safely in one day. Ensure vehicles, clean them inside and outside before relocation and remove personal items that are inside of them.

Packing fragile items.
Take extra steps when packing fragile items and valuables and protect yourself or hire experts

#6 Artwork

How to pack fine art and antiques when they are so sensitive and fragile? Artwork is expensive and some of them have emotional value as well. Make sure to wrap artwork in air bubble foil, to protect edges, and to have special moving boxes. Use extra cushioning and for paintings, there are special wooden boxes where they can be placed safely. Label those boxes, so you will know to take care of them.

Preparation is half the hard work

As you can see, there are difficult things to move, but it does not mean you cannot move them at all. There is always a solution to how to move them, usually with the help of a professional moving company. Research moving companies in your area, local movers that can help you move all your belongings, not only difficult ones. Professional movers have knowledge and experience you don’t. That is why they will pack and move with ease. Also, you do not have to deal with it and you can focus on other moving-related tasks.

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