The process of purchasing property in Virginia for foreigners

If you are just moving to the USA, you might have some questions about owning property. You might be interested in investment diversification or simply buzzing or owning a home. To this end, it is important to know what your legal rights are and how the process goes. If you have found the right place for you in Virginia, you should know more about the real estate market and your options. So, it is important to get to know the process of purchasing property in Virginia for foreigners. The good news is that you won’t have any limitations about buying a property.

However, there are things to know.

A house for sale in Virginia
Purchasing a home has no restrictions for foreigners.

Rights and limitations

Strictly put, there are no legal prohibitions that might prevent you from buying a property anywhere in the USA including Virginia. If you plan on living here full time and you are an investor, a green card holder, or looking for a vacation home, you can consider buying property. There are no restrictions regarding the number or types of property you can purchase. However, you might encounter some issues regarding your being a foreigner.

In this essence, these issues do not have to affect and influence you particularly. They are connected to the finances and budgeting options when buying a property. These are also connected to taxes as well as the types of properties to buy. Simply put, these overall issues or challenges can influence foreigners to a degree while not prohibiting them from buying the property they need. So, before we cover the process of purchasing property in Virginia for foreigners we will address some of these issues mainly

  • Finances
  • Taxes and
  • Types of Properties to Buy


Financing may present itself as an issue if you do not have sufficient funds to finance the purchase. The problem arises from the fact that banks and lenders are hesitant when it comes to lending to foreigners. Getting a local mortgage can be problematic when you are a foreigner without any local finance and credit history. To be clear, getting a loan and a mortgage is not impossible. It is hard to do and even when you succeed you will face a higher interest rate than US residents. In addition, you will also have to provide a much higher downpayment. So, as a foreigner, you will have no issues when purchasing a property if you have enough money to finance the purchase. Getting additional funding, however, will prove to be hard or not financially sound in the long run.

A home in the garden
There are plenty of great places to consider buying


Understanding taxes is a must. Taxes usually demand that you find some professional help and advice. Just keep in mind that as a buyer you will be responsible to pay all legal and recording fees as well as title search and insurance. In addition, if you are investing in a rental you will have to report this income and pay tax. If you are selling the property you will also have to pay the capital gain tax. In any case, understanding this is important, and planning your tax solution is a must.

Type of property

There are no restrictions on the types of property you can buy. Any condo or single-family home is acceptable. The only thing you shouldn’t do is invest in a co-op. These solutions are planned as primary residences and aren’t a good rental investment. In this case, you also buy a share in the cooperative which is not a purchase of the property itself.

How to do it?

Before starting your move to the US, it is highly advisable to get to know all about the purchasing process. As any moving expert like will advise, it is important to get to know all about the process of purchasing property as well as moving to Virginia before making your first step. So, since we are clear bout the fact that there are no restrictions for foreigners when buying property, let’s deal with the purchasing process itself. Here is what you should know:

  • Supply the documents
  • Secure financing
  • Get an agent
  • Make an offer
  • Due diligence check
  • Close and make a payment


The buying process is not that different for citizens and foreigners. All have to provide certain documents. These include proof of identity, income, residence, and affordability. These are all important and are necessary for any purchase.


Besides some documents, you must also secure the financing of your purchase. It is important to define your buying budget and deal with the sources of funding. As already stated, securing a mortgage may prove to be complex. However, if you have cash you will have no problem making a purchase

Get an agent

A real estate agent is a necessity. This expert knows the market and real estate trends. He should be able to source out some of the best properties that will suit your needs. He will not only present the offers to you but also lead you through the process, and help when placing an offer and closing the deal. Paying for a realtor’s help is one of the sound decisions to make.

Make an offer

Once you visit Virginia and locate a suitable property, you should prepare an offer. It is wise to prepare an offer with your agent. At this point, you should also make a deposit to make your intentions clear.

Due diligence check

It makes sense to do a check of the property. Make sure that everything is in order once you secure the property but before closing the deal.

Close the deal

Once you are sure that everything is in order close the deal. Pay all of the relevant fees taxes and a down payment on your new home. After that, the deal is closed and you are a new homeowner.

Person signing a deal after the process of purchasing property in Virginia for foreigners
Get an agent to lead you through the process

In short

The process of purchasing property in Virginia for foreigners is not that different than the regular buying process. There are no restrictions however there are challenges to be aware of. With the information we provide here, you will be better equipped to handle this process and complete it without too many problems.

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