The number of Hong Kong students who want to study in Europe is increasing – Are you one of them?

Education is one very important segment in the life of every person who wants to be successful. Acquiring knowledge from the very beginning of your life opens many different doors along the way. This is because, at the end of the day, your knowledge is the only thing that no one can take away from you. Learning builds your attitudes. It forms your opinions, and it defines your lifestreams. Therefore, if someone decides to invest in education, he basically invests in his life that way. And this rule applies to all the people all around the globe. Today we will take a look at the students from Hong Kong who want to study in Europe.

The point of international educational migration

Moving for education purposes is a common practice nowadays. Young people everywhere in the world strive to find the best possible options to bring their education to almost perfection, which explains the number of students from Hong Kong who want to study in Europe.

European universities are popular among Asian students. Soon after they graduate their secondary schools, most of them tend to get everything packed and ready and to start looking for ways to reach some of the most popular universities in Europe. It is said that Chinese students make one of the largest groups of international students who moved to some of the European countries for education. And the truth is that the number is constantly growing with every new school year.

There is a woman with a bag, standing in front of some bookshelves.
In search for the better education and more knowledge many Asian students come to Europe.

Parents give support to Hong Kong students who want to study in Europe

Hong Kong students want to find good and high-quality education. It will help them develop their skills better, and thus help them be better participants in the life of their native country in the future. Since their own country cannot offer them enough in terms of studying, they decide to move. But even more interesting is the fact that the parents of young students support and even encourage this decision. No matter what their current financial situation or social status are like, parents don’t make compromises in these cases. They tend to assist them in the move across the globe without trouble and in finding their luck somewhere else. This is followed by the general belief that the overseas higher education is of much better quality than the one they may get in China. So, if you want better job perspectives, you’ll need to go abroad to learn for them.

Other supportive sides

On the other hand, young people from Hong Kong who want to study in Europe, have strong support from the Chinese government as well. They offer useful financial support for the ones who want to go abroad and study. Besides, there is a well-organized industry of learning abroad services that gives its best to offer help to everyone while preparing the necessary documentation for the travel abroad. So if you are among the students who are willing to expand their views, hire,and start your journey to Europe at once.

Affordable option

If you are among the many who strive to move from Hong Kong to Europe for educational reasons, we have some great news for you. European universities are pretty affordable for international students in general. The conditions that most European countries offer are excellent, and the costs of studying are still pretty low. What’s more, a lot of effort was devoted to simplifying the visa application process for all the overseas students, too. Therefore, having all this in mind, it is clear that this university choice may give you a lot, at a pretty low cost. And if you utilize some useful tricks for the cheap relocation, you will be able to move in no time, and definitely on a budget.

The most popular countries

Like we mentioned before, the popularity of European universities among Asia students is in constant growth. However, we need to admit that not all countries in Europe are equally popular. Some studies have shown that Hong Kong students usually prefer to enroll in prominent UK universities if there is any chance of that. What’s more, it is interesting that Chinese students make the majority of all the overseas students in the UK. Other pretty popular countries in terms of education are Germany and France. Knowing all this, moving to Europe for university education seems like a popular topic in Asia.

The Big Ben in the UK which is the country a great majority of Hong KOng students who want to study in Europe choose.
The UK is one of the most popular countries for those who want to continue your education in Europe.

Common challenges

Student mobility has many positive aspects, indeed. Apart from intercultural and interpersonal communication which is useful on so many levels, there comes a great exchange of information and knowledge.

However, the truth is that not everything is so easy as it may seem. Chinese students in Europe also meet certain difficulties and challenges. The usual sense of loneliness and maladaptation is the first obstacle they need to overcome. Then there comes the question of language. The lack of particular language skills may influence not only interpersonal communication but also their studying performance. And, finally, let’s not forget the unavoidable cultural shock that every Hong Kong student is going to meet while trying to adjust to the new host country. Therefore, it is always good to be prepared. Make an ultimate plan for the intercultural relocation. Think well, and define your goals. And the most important thing, don’t be afraid. Luck always follows the brave ones.

There is a picture of a woman in a shirt wearing a pair of glasses.
Dealing with the sense of solitude and possible anxiety is natural after the cross country move, but you can overcome it.


Everyone strives towards some higher goals. And it is sometimes surprising how far we are ready to move in order to gain what we are looking for. Relocating for educational purposes is nothing unusual nowadays. Every year Hong Kong students who want to study in Europe come up with more and more ideas on how to get into the desired university. They succeed and are very successful indeed. And for the very end, let’s remember just several interesting facts:

  • European universities are said to offer better studying opportunities than most Asian ones
  • Hong Kong students are supported by both their parents and the government
  • Universities in Europe are affordable for international students
  • The UK is one of the most popular countries
  • Hong Kong students need to overcome certain challenges at the very beginning