The most beautiful expat-friendly places in Europe

There are many expat-friendly places in Europe. We can’t list them all so we will show you our top three picks and then you can keep researching on your own. No matter if you are going to Europe for a visit or moving there completely you are in for quite an adventure. You will have a chance to experience a new culture, different languages and some amazing food. So, get ready.

Belgrade, Serbia – for the ones who are looking for amazing nightlife

Belgarde is the capital city of Serbia (Location – Balkan). This city is widely known for its top-notch nightlife and entertainment. The people are friendly and welcoming towards expats. Since the housing prices are not very high many younger digital nomads like to stay here for a while. Make sure to research this place and if you are a foodie – this will be the perfect place for you.

Lisbon, Portugal

Another capital city. This time – of Portugal. One of the most ex-pat-friendly places in Europe. This is one of the most affordable big cities in the whole of Europe. They have amazing weather, laid-back and friendly people, and some of the most amazing beaches you will ever encounter. As you can see, this city has it all. This place is definitely worth visiting and we noticed many US citizens are actually moving here.

night in Lisbon
Lisbon, as one of the most expat-friendly places in Europe, can also be a great place to raise a family.

Rome, Italy

Another perfect place for foodies. Fun fact – one of the cheapest places for buying a home is in fact Italy. Not Rome, but move from the center and you will find some amazing deals. Rome has a certain charm that no other city in this world has and you will see that as soon as you land. To move there you will need to deal with plenty of paperwork especially now that they have a new prime minister but that is just a price you need to pay to live in one of the most beautiful cities. Fun fact – Vatikan is a state inside the city of Rome.

driving through Rome
You won’t be able to drive a big car here but you will have the most amazing pasta in the world.

Honorable mentions

We had to single out the three cities (capitals in this case) because of how amazing they can be for ex-pats. But that is not all. If you by a chance don’t see yourself living there you should also explore the following cities :

  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Nicosia, Cyprus
  • Tivat, Montenegro
  • Stockholm, Sweeden

All of these cities are amazing and expat-friendly places in Europe you most definitely should research. Who knows, maybe your new home is waiting there. If not – you will have an amazing experience just by visiting them.

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