Texas for expats: find your new home in any of these cities

Even though there are plenty of great places in the US to settle in as an expat, Texas may be the best one. It is a very nice place to live and it is great for expatriates coming from all over the world. However, prior to moving in you should do your research and find out just what it has to offer. You should find out everything about Texas for expats before you decide Texas is the right decision for you. In addition, you should decide on the city in Texas you will be making your home in. So, let’s see about Texas and what it has to offer to expats.

Some basics about Texas

Texas is the second-largest state in the US with many of the largest cities located here. Austin is the capital while Houston, San Antonio, and Denver are the largest cities. Ont top of that Houston is the most populous city. The weather is great. Texas benefits from mild winters on the Golf coast while the panhandle experiences multiple snowfalls a year. It is a state great for exploration. It has a rich history and a mixture of cultures and different traditions. Most notably it has a rich Native American culture and the history of Cowboys that the rest of the world connects it to.

The great outdoors of Texas
Texas has some great natural beauties and is perfect for everyone who loves nature

Any expat in Texas should exploit the opportunity to explore this great state. You should start your travels and exploration immediately after coming here via heavenlymove.com. Make sure to travel and visit some of the cities in Texas. Also do not skip the nature tour. You should definitely visit the Santa Elena Canyon which is an example of the untouched nature of this state. Also, make sure to visit the lakes in the summer. You can enjoy hiking, biking, surfing, and kayaking in the perfectly suited nature of Texas. Expats should also visit safari parks and try rock climbing and camping. Texas is the best state to enjoy outdoor activities and pristine nature.

Make your home in Texas as an expat

Well moving to Texas is one of the best decisions you can make. Finding your perfect home in Texas is easy as the state has many perfect cities to offer. Any guide about Texas for expats can not only concentrate on just some cities. There are many cities in Texas that are booming and offer perfect opportunities for expats. They are affordable and offer great job and career opportunities. Land and home prices are low and so are the taxes. The state is family-friendly and there are a total of 20 big cities to chose from. The perfect place for your new home would be:

  • Austin
  • Dallas
  • Houston and
  • San Antonio

Be sure that the list is not complete. These are just some of the great Texas cities that can be great for expats moving into the US. See for yourself


You will love Austin if you like the outdoors. It is a vibrant and dynamic city but with a touch of heritage and conservatism. Moving to Austin as a big city can prove to be a challenge. There are many pros and cons to living here and also for ex-pats. We can only point out that the city has great weather, a transport system, and great investment opportunity in property and tech. But it is a crowded city, car-dependent and congested. However, Austin can be a great place to settle down if you find just what you need in this city.

Austin center is the capital and also a great city in Texas for expats
Austin has everything that anyone might need


Dallas is the place where big things happen. It is a place that is the best representative of Texas for expats as it is the perfect example of the stereotype bigger is better. Although Dallas is one of the most populous cities in Texas it is a great place full of opportunities. It has a reputation of being a business-oriented city but it is also a friendly place to settle in. Besides being a great educational center it is also perfect for families. Family-friendly neighborhoods, cultural renaissance, and a great lifestyle are a staple of Dallas. This makes it a great city for all expats coming to Texas.


Houston is big, wealthy, and welcoming for newcomers. It is a metropolitan city that has a diverse culture and rich history to explore. It is a busy and crowded place but also a place of opportunities. There is always something happening in the city and everywhere you can find something new to experience. The city is growing fast and spreading so if you want to settle in here you will have plenty of options. From living in the city to relocating to one of many suburbs you can choose and find the perfect place for you. Until you get your bearings you can find a unit for all your excess items after you move here. You can easily settle in later once you adapt to this big city.

San Antonio

San Antonio is the little Vence of Texas. This is the city that will surprise you with its size. However, it is also a place that is friendly and welcoming. It offers a great quality of life and great opportunities for a great career. With its picturesque neighborhoods and affordable homes, it is a perfect place to find your new home. The city offers some great job opportunities, lots of culture, relaxation and a lower cost of living making the place very affordable.

A river walk in San Antonio
Picturesque San Antonio is perfect for ex-pats from all over the world

So Texas is a great place not only to live but also for all those ex-pats coming to the US for the first time. Any guide on Texas for expats will confirm this fact. Other than that there are many great cities here to choose from. You just have to know what you need, and as an expat, you will not have any problem wherever you move in Texas.

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