Teaching English in Hong Kong – the ultimate guide

Are you thinking about moving and escaping the boredom and mundane-ness of your home place? But, you are not sure where to move to? Here’s an ultimate guide on how you can move and start teaching English in Hong Kong. 

China is the nest destination to English abroad, with a variety of job offers to suit everyone. But, before you learn how to pack for relocation, you’d want to know some things. Such as the requirements, how can you find a job, and what will your life in Hong Kong be like? So, here’s the ultimate guide you can use along the way. It will help you navigate the Tefl opportunities so you can move to your new country successfully.

Looking For A Job Work Silhouettes Man - Teaching English in Hong Kong
Are you looking for a teaching English in Hong Kong job? Here’s an ultimate guide.

Teaching English in Hong Kong – Finding a job 

The teach abroad market in China is booming, and schools are always looking for foreign English teachers. So, it’s likely to find a teaching job online before you arrive in the country. You can find jobs in public schools, language schools, or universities. However, teaching requirements are different for all of those. 

Some of the bare requirements to teach English in China are:

  • You must be a native English speaker or a certified teacher in your home country.
  • Bachelor’s Degree.
  • TEFL certificate.
  • Clean criminal background.
  • Under 55, for woman, or 60, for man, years old.

Some popular schools may require teaching experience too. If you meet these criteria, book your move with Relosmart Movers and start your new life chapter in Hong Kong. These moving specialists will ensure your relocation process goes as smoothly as possible. Working with professional movers will make packing and shipping your belongings to the new home much easier.

Moving to Hong Kong

Now, it’s time to start thinking about the relocation itself. Moving to Hong Kong is going to be a challenge since you’re traveling over a significant distance and crossing borders. Performing a DIY move is next to impossible. Therefore, it’s best to hire movers to help you with the relocation. The experts have the appropriate moving equipment, experience, and professional know-how to handle your move safely and efficiently. They also offer a storage service in case you need to store extra items hassle-free. Hong Kong is a big urban center that is densely populated with millions of residents. So, you may end up not having enough space in your apartment for all your belongings. But, there’s no need to worry because you can rent a self-storage unit in Hong Kong and store some of your items.

Hong Kong City Night Skyline
Moving to Hong Kong may be the best decision.

Teaching English in Hong Kong – How much money can you earn?

For people thinking about moving and tutoring, salary is an essential consideration. That’s something you need to know before using moving to a foreign country on a budget – tips and tricksSo, generally, teachers in Hong Kong are well paid. Average monthly salaries are between $2,300 and $6,500. However, the salary depends on the type of school/setting and your experience. 

Also, teaching salaries in Hong Kong are above China-wide average salary. However, you need to know that Hong Kong is among the world’s most expensive cities. Still, people believe that in this case, the high cost of living is worth it and you can live fairly decently on your salary.

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