Spending a gap year in Europe

A gap year is a year or a semester off. Many people need a long vacation before they go to college or have kids. There are no age limits, there are many retirees that take a year to travel and to explore Europe and its beautiful countries. Spending a gap year in Europe is one of the most satisfying life experience. Europe has a rich history and each country has its own tradition and food. It is up to you if you want to just travel or to do something more such as volunteering or teaching.

Girls talking and laughing.
Make new friends during your vacation in Europe. It is a priceless experience.

Why many Americans take a gap year?

This vacation will charge your batteries, especially if you need to go to college. This trip will change your life, for sure, that is why many Americas take this gap year. This trend is very popular, but why exactly?

  • American works a lot. Work hard in school to get into a good college, studying, and after that getting a dream job. The entire life is all about working and developing. That is one of the main reasons for spending a gap year in Europe. Taking a break and exploring something new is very helpful and good for you.
  • Gap years are popular because they can be very helpful for a future life and career. You will get much more opportunities and life experience than other. Some American high schools and colleges offer service trips, study overseas, and educational tours. If you want an extra life experience and personal growth, a gap year in Europe will help you with that.
  • A college pressure can be very stressful for future students. Pressure from parents, professors, etc. It can be difficult for you to see your friends going to college, but if you have a clear picture of things you want to accomplish, that will not be a problem. If you think that you will travel after, for many people it is not an option because of all obligations they have. So, take the advantage now and do not reschedule it.
  • Less than a half Americans have a valid passport because they do not have time to travel. This is another opportunity for you. If you have a full job you must wait until retirement. So, a perfect time is before college.
Woman on the beach.
Remove all that stress and take a year or a semester off.

The best destination for spending a gap year in Europe

Where to travel which country to visit during a gap year? Each country in Europe is special and different. But, some countries are the most popular for visiting and for a gap year. First, find affordable airlines and trains and make your own tour. If you need a little help, we have some examples and ideas about your immigration to Europe. Although Europe is a small continent, it has much to offer and show. These countries are just a small part of Europe.


Ireland can offer a lot of gap year opportunities for a wide array of interests. In Ireland, you can choose between busy life in the city or slower life with sheep in the countryside. For example, you can volunteer on a farm or if you want to work, Ireland offers Working Holiday programs too. Ireland can be an excellent country for spending a gap year in Europe.

Czech Republic

This Europian state became one of the best places for visiting and spending a gap year. The Czech Republic is very charming. But, that is not all. If you want to work during a gap year, the Czech Republic has a growing demand for teachers. And it is friendlier to non-EU citizens for visas. Also, this country is much affordable than other countries in Europe.


Each city in Spain is different. For example, Madrid and Barcelona are both in Spain but they are completely different. You can get everything here, from beaches, Mediterranean waters to amazing and delicious food. Also, you will learn a new language and that is a big plus for your future career in the USA. Spain is affordable and it has an amazing nightlife too.


Home of the pizza and pasta, Tuscan landscapes and the Amalfi Coast. Italy is one of the most popular places to spend your gap year, not just because of food and nature. Take a cooking class or language classes there and learn a new language, study fashion in Milan or harvest grapes or make cheese.

Gap year volunteer programs

There are so many different volunteer program all over Europe. You just need to choose what is the best program for you. It would be nice to have something to do during your gap year and this is another way to meet new people. And that, do not have a price. Some of the programs are:

  • Global Vision International program in Greece for protecting turtles in the Mediterranean area. It lasts for 12 weeks.
  • International Volunteer Headquarters is a program in Italy if you want to teach English and to help poor kids in Naples.
  • Love Volunteers offers different programs in Europe. For example, the animal rescue in Albania or community development in Bosnia.
Volunteering while spending a gap year in Europe.
You will meet so many different people during volunteering and learn new things.

Find a part-time job in Europe

You can choose between traveling across Europe and being in one state in Europe for a whole year. It is up to you. And if you choose to be just in one state, you can work on your career and find a job. Also, you will need money, so sometimes it is a must. For spending a gap year in Europe you will need money, of course. Finding a job is a perfect solution. You will meet so many different people and at the same time, you will get another life experience.

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