Shipping your car from the US to Europe

So, you plan to ship your car from the US to Europe. And you have only one problem. Namely, you have no idea how you can do that. At the moment you are worried and stressed out. There is no need for those feelings. Believe it or not, shipping your car from the US to Europe is not that complicated as it may seem at first. On the contrary, it is simple. All that you should do is to follow these steps. Soon you will see that you have nothing to worry about.

You should choose a port of departure for shipping your car from the US to Europe

The first step in the process of shipping your car from the US to Europe is choosing a port of departure. We strongly advise you to choose a shipping port on the East Coast. There are two reasons for this. It will be both cheaper and faster than shipping your car from the West Coast. Choose New York, Boston, Halifax, Nova Scotia or some of many ports in Florida and transport your vehicle trouble-free.

A pink car.
Firstly, you should choose a port of departure for shipping your car.

Decide which destination port you want

The second step in this process is deciding which destination port is best for you. As for the prices, they are basically the same. People usually choose Bremerhaven in Germany, Antwerp in Belgium or some of many ports in the UK. We have to mention that you can always hire professionals and make everything easier for you and your family. For example, you can check, for they are both experienced and reliable experts.

Prepare your car for shipping

The next step is preparing your car for transporting it to Europe. You should clean it thoroughly inside and outside. This means that you must provide all the cleaning products that you need. Also, you should empty your vehicle. In addition, make sure that it is out of gas or diesel. Do not worry, there are not many more things that you have to do before your relocation to Europe takes place.

A person washing a car as you should do while getting ready for shipping your car from the US to Europe.
Make sure to wash your car in order to prepare it for its shipping to Europe.

You should load your car

A few days before the ship sails, you should load your car. There is no need to stress about this. It is not difficult at all to drive into the container and climb out of the driver’s window. The company will take care of everything else and it will be transported safely. Therefore, there is no need to stress and think about anything. Soon, you will be on your way to Europe.

A girl in a car.
Make sure to load your car on time.

Pay for the shipping

When your car is loaded and ready for its transport, you can pay for the shipping and take your receipt for that payment. After you finish with it, you can finally relax and take care of all the other things related to your relocation. We wish you the best luck!

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