Shipping fragile items from the US to Europe

Shipping fragile items is a very risky process. However, when you need to do it internationally, from the US to Europe, it just ups the risk of damage even more. Naturally, the longer the trip, the greater the chance that something might get damaged along the way. What you can do is minimize the risk by being detailed oriented and aware of the possible dangers of shipment. So, the more detailed oriented you are, the more likely it is that your shipping will go smoothly. Here are a few things that you can do to protect your package while shipping fragile items.

Choose appropriate packaging when shipping fragile items

You might be tempted to choose more affordable shipping materials. But, this might not be the best time for a penny-pinching moment. You might save a few bucks on supplies, but you can go through a bigger financial loss if your things get damaged. Buy the best quality supplies that you can get your hands on. Especially, if you are shipping something more valuable.

Two boxes, nicely wrapped in paper with loving notes attached to them.
Choosing the right box for shipping fragile items is not as easy as you might think.

Don’t forget the padding

Transport all your cherished belongings only in an appropriate size and quality boxes. The box you choose must be firm enough to endure a long trip and to protect your things. Also, you want it to be just big enough to fit what you are shipping but to also have space for additional padding. Too much extra space or no extra space in the box can be fatal for your shipment.

Shipping fragile items are usually done with special packing materials   

When sending a delicate item internationally, people usually use one of the following items. You will not save money when shipping internationally with them, but you will certainly add extra protection to your shipment. Best supplies for safe packing and shipping from the United States to Europe:

  • Special packing foam
  • Endurable cardboard boxes
  • Airbags
  • Bubble wrap
  • Polystyrene packing chips or confetti

Clearly mark your shipment

Before handing your package to the shipping company, make sure it is marked as fragile. Use a black or red marker to do it. Just make sure that the message is visible and clear.

Fragile written in large white letters on a wooden box.
Marking your package as fragile just might be the deciding factor in saving your belongings during the transportation process.

Professional packing and shipping services

As you can tell by now there are many decisions to be made when shipping delicate items internationally. Just one wrong move can result in damaging your belonging. If you want to minimize your shipping risk to the fullest, hire professionals to pack and ship your things for you. Professional packers and movers have the experience and knowledge needed for such a project. If you need such or similar services, you should consider contacting Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage Seattle.

Shipping insurance

If you are feeling uneasy about shipping fragile items overseas you can always purchase insurance. Unlike the other steps in this process, this one is not a must. However, having peace of mind is always a welcome feeling.

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