Reasons to move from Europe to Canada

When talking about reasons to move from Europe to Canada you have to know that there are a lot of good reasons to do so. Here you will find some of those reasons. When you are moving from one continent to another, in this case from Europe to North America, you have to prepare yourself. A lot of things are different. Starting from culture to food, weather and so much more. This is the reason to study a little about where are you going to live, before even starting your move. Europe and Canada are different, and there will be a lot of changes in your day to day routine, but do not be worried. You will get used to it and it will only get better in time once you embrace your new life in Canada, which is not bad at all.

Budapest, Europe
              Europe is beautiful as well

Main reasons to move from Europe to Canada

As we mentioned, there are many reasons for your move from Europe to Canada. The first reason can be a better standard. Of course, it all depends on from what part of Europe are you coming to Canada, but still, life standard in Canada will seem very appealing to you. Canadian people are welcoming foreigners from all over the world by giving them good jobs and great health insurance. Sounds amazing, right? That is Canada, and more or less that is how is presented to the world by television. One more thing that you can see about Canada online and on television is that Canadian people are extremely nice and welcoming. What else can you ask for?  You have probably already started packing, but wait. there are more reasons that will make you pack even faster.

There is more

Yes, there are more reasons for you to go and start your life in Canada. Let’s count them:

  • Good jobs (yes, we mentioned it already, but it is too important not to mention it again)
  • Great food
  • Sports
  • Canadian landscapes
  • Maple syrup
  • Beautiful lakes and cottages
  • Spaciousness (Canada is pretty spacious)


Move from Europe to Canada and enjoy in beautiful Toronto
              Beautiful lights of Toronto

The reasons mentioned above are more than enough for you to start figuring out how to move to Canada. Nobody is saying that Europe is not good enough, but Canada has shown such a great hospitality to the foreigners that it is no wonder that more and more people are going there to try their luck.

Delicious food and competitive sports

Canada is serving some delicious food. Once you try their specialties you will love Canada even more. When you move internationally like in this case from Europe to Canada, you cannot make compromises. In Europe food, in general, is very good and you will want to still eat well when you move to Canada. So, on that side, you shouldn’t be worried at all. The food is great. First that you should try once you arrive in Canada is their most famous dish. Poutine. It contains cheesy potatoes.

Well, that sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Of course, for dessert, you should try Canadian homemade pie. You probably got hungry while reading this so let’s talk a little bit about sports. Canada is well known for being a very sporty country. From ice-hockey to more icy sports Canadian are the best. Maybe it has to do with the fact that they were raised in a fairly cold country so they have trained a lot in the snow. Either way, they really appreciate ice hockey and it is very enjoyable for them and it will probably be for you too.

Lakes and cottages

Canada is very famous for their breathtaking lakes. Even in the very cold winter time, you can enjoy them. From a warm place, of course. The scenery in front of you will be surreal. During the winter if you are lucky enough to own a cottage or if you have a friend who owns one, you can really enjoy overlooking those frozen lakes. When the summer comes, you can go for a swim and soak up the sun. It is really special. So, if everything goes according to plan it is not a bad thing to invest in a small cottage. Move from Europe to Canada and enjoy in some things you never enjoyed before.

A women standing next to a frozen lake
Buying a cottage in Canada can be a great decision

Canadians love their maple syrup

If you haven’t lived under a rock for the past decade you are probably well aware that maple syrup originally comes from Canada. This delicious syrup that almost every cafeteria has, has its roots in Canada and Canada is the supplier for all the other countries. A lot of Canadians cannot imagine their breakfast without this syrup. Maple syrup is so delicious that it became a brand and you can buy it in Europe as well. Nowadays people are putting maple syrup on anything even though is sweet.

Canada is really big

Canada is big, that’s a fact. This only means that you have more cities to choose from. You can live wherever you want, any city will give you a chance to make it work. Keep in mind though, that in some parts of Canada winters can be crazy cold. Whole Canada can be crazy cold during the winter, but still, some parts can get colder than the others. Also, you may choose some familiar city to start your life in. Toronto, Ontario, maybe Montreal. Whatever city you choose you can enjoy it. Cities are big, loud and fun. Some of the biggest music festivals are taking place in Canada. Wherever you go people will give you a chance it is all up to you to figure out how to use it.

When you want to move from Europe to Canada, the stakes are high. Even though Canada is beautifully filled with great people, things will change in your life. We are not talking only about the time difference, which is around six hours, more, or less. You will meet different people then you use to, different cultures and you will learn two languages if you don’t know them already. English and French. So, a lot of challenges are in front of you, life-changing challenges that when are this cool, as in Canada, it is easy to get used to them.

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