Reasons for moving your antique store from NYC to Europe

NYC antique shops are very common. This is because a lot of people in America tend to go around and collect old things. There are plenty of reasons why people do this and we think that this is amazing. But having an antique store in NYC and selling things that you gathered in America doesn’t really pay off. A lot of people also already own similar things or even the same things. They either keep them stored away in a box at home or they have whole storage units dedicated to antique things. And since this is the case, not a lot of people turn to buying in antique shops. Even now that it is becoming more and more popular to own old things in your home. A lot of people simply dig up what they already have. Some people even start selling the rest online. This makes having an antique shop in NYC not a very paying-off business which is why you also might be thinking about moving your antique store from NYC to Europe.

But that is not the case in Europe. Especially as you are selling antique objects from the States. People in Europe adore old things, especially from different countries. This is why we would advise you to consider moving your antique store from NYC to Europe. There are plenty of reasons why and we are here to tell you some of them.

Antique shop.
Not a lot of people in America shop in antique shops. But it is completely different in Europe.

1. Europeans appreciate antiques more

Europeans are known for loving history. Most European cities are rich with history too. They love to cherish these things as they are a part of who they are. But they are also lovers of history other than their own. They love collecting antiques from Asia and Africa. But America as well. The USA is not a very old country compared to other European countries. This means that a lot of these things are considered very modern and interesting in Europe as they are very different from what people in Europe used at the time. America developed much faster than Europe at one point so a lot of the things that Americans were using were much different in Europe or they didn’t even exist. Especially in countries that were poor at that time such as the Czech Republic, Serbia, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Lithuania, and many others. And these are just some of the countries you can move to with

2. You can sell these things at a much higher price

One thing is for certain, Europe is much more expensive when it comes to antique things. People in Europe are ready to pay as much needed as they are antiques. Especially when the condition of the item is good. If we are talking about fine art, the price can go as high as you want it to be. This is why an experienced crew should handle the valuables when moving your antique store from NYC to Europe. If your items are in good condition expect to sell them out fast. Europeans find these prices reasonable as they are aware of the fact that you had to transport these items from NYC to Europe. And this isn’t cheap at all. This is also why you can up the price as much as you want to after moving your antique store from NYC to Europe.

Gold coins.
Moving to Europe means earning more money.

3. Your antique shop will become an attraction

There aren’t plenty of American antique shops in Europe. Especially not in smaller countries that we have mentioned. But there are plenty more of them that you should consider moving to. But no matter where you decide to relocate your antique shop in Europe, it will surely become an attraction among the locals and over time among tourists as well. You just have to know how to lead this business of yours. One of the most important things is social media. But you also need to make sure that the location of your shop is good. Moving to the countryside isn’t a good idea.

Luckily, renting a store in Europe won’t cost you much. Especially if you choose the smaller countries. You’ll have to pay around $1,000 a month for a decent store in Europe. This isn’t a lot if you consider the fact that your antique shop is going to be a hit. And in the first few months as well. When people notice something different, they are ready to cross from one part of the city to another. Before moving to Europe, you have to understand that people live differently there. They don’t really have everything on every step which is the case in some American cities such as NYC.

Antique shop.
Make your antique shop different from the rest of them to attract more people.

Moving internationally is easier than ever

If the relocation process is the only thing keeping you away from relocating your business to Europe, you shouldn’t worry. International relocation has become easier than ever. Even when moving a business abroad. But this is only the case if hiring movers. You need to ensure safe transport across the ocean for all of your belongings, not just the ones you are going to sell. And hiring movers is the only way to do that. There are plenty of moving companies that are experienced and reliable.

Moving without movers isn’t possible when relocating a business. This is why you need to make sure that you hire the best moving company out there. Ask around, search the internet, and you will manage to find the movers that are going to make this relocation a breeze. Hiring movers is one of our tips for moving to Europe in order to make it easier.

Save up before the move

International moving isn’t cheap, especially when moving an antique shop. You will be moving plenty of things which is going to make your relocation very expensive. This is why you need to make sure that you save up a lot of money before your relocation. You are going to need it after moving your antique store from NYC to Europe. But this depends on where you are moving your antique store. Each European country is different. This is just one of the challenges of moving from NYC to Europe.

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