Pros and cons of transferring your car when moving to Europe

Moving to Europe can be quite a step. It is a big change in life that influences every aspect of it. The moving process itself is not easy. It demands a lot of planning and preparation. The whole process is complex and stressful and usually. You have to decide what to do with your things to downsize and declutter. Selling or giving away your things in these cases is a must. However, when it comes to cars there are issues. People sometimes do not want to part with them. In these cases, the question becomes whether or not to move your car with you. As this is a complex question we will examine some of the pros and cons of transferring your car when moving to Europe.

Moving your car with you

First, you may not be able to buy the same car in Europe. On the other hand, even though shipping a car may be expensive and complex it may be worth the effort. Making the final decision is not possible without weighing all of the advantages and disadvantages. So, let’s see what are the pros and cons of such a decision.

Car and a ship for transferring your car when moving to Europe
Transferring your car when moving to Europe can be a complex business

The pros to shipping a car

Before you decide to move your car and leave your vehicle in good hands of the transport company there are many pros of this decision to consider. Here are just a few:

  • You maintain the connection. People usually get emotionally attached to their cars. There are certain memories that connect them. So parting with your car may become too difficult. In these cases, you may decide to transfer your car with you and maintain this relationship.
  • Having a car is convenient when moving to another country. Having your car wait for you when you arrive is great. In addition, it is your, familiar car that you can use right away. It will also be reminiscent of the life you had at home before you moved.
  • Have the solution of what to do with it. When moving you are faced with a tough decision of what to do with your car. Do you have safe storage for it or will it be too expensive? All of these questions are irrelevant if you decide on transferring your car when moving to Europe.

The cons to shipping a car

However, transferring a car when you are occupied with the moving organization can be a burden. Here are a few cions that might make you decide against it:

  • Shipping cost is the biggest con of this decision. Regardless of the transportation method and the ways of saving during transport, this can be very expensive. In addition will depend on the destination, size and weight, and insurance.
  • Maintenance – you might have problems with the maintenance of certain makes and models in Europe
  • Local standards may differ from the US. This means that you might be forced to make modifications to the car to make it road legal. This will depend on the legislation of the particular country.

If you plan to move overseas to Europe permanently then it makes perfect sense to consider whether to relocate your car too. The question itself means that there are many reasons to consider it.

Cars on a ship at sea
There are many pros and cons to consider before you make this decision

Finally – the conclusion

The move overseas can be a big hassle. it can be complex and difficult. But making a decision about transferring your car when moving to Europe will depend on many factors. List all of the pros and cons to make the right decision.

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