Pros and cons of moving to Holly Springs

So, you have decided to move? Good for you! A move can be an opportunity for a new life. If you think that you cannot express yourself in your hometown, or find a job, or whatever reason you made your decision to move, it is never too late to do so. Moving to Holly Springs can breathe in a new life in you and inspire you to do great things and work on yourself. The first big thing when you are making a decision that you want to move, is choosing the right place.

If you want to move to a big city, crowded with people and traffic, this is not the article for you. But, please stay, because this article may be enough to convince you to think otherwise. If you want a quiet life in a small (but rapidly growing) town, then Holly Springs, NC can be your next destination. In this article, we will talk about the reasons to move to Holly Springs.

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Let’s make moving to Holly Springs fun!

Why are people moving to Holly Springs?

Holly Springs Is a small town in North Carolina just South-West of Raleigh, which is considered to be the main financial district in the area. The town got its name after many freshwater springs in, and around it. Prior to the 18th century, when most European people moved in, this area was used by the Tuscarora Indians as a hunting ground. How epic is that? When a major businessman, Archibald Leslie, came into town, it slowly, but surely, began to grow. You can visit the 38 room Leslie mansion even today!

Other than the big mansion, Holly Springs is rich with history and there is a lot of classic architecture. It is also one of the fastest growing cities in the whole United States of America. It promptly earned the nickname “The fastest growing town in the Carolinas”. The population has skyrocketed to 28,640 citizens, with the population tripling between the years 2000 and 2015. This area is known as the North Carolina Triangle which consists of Holly Springs, Wake County, and Raleigh.

Job opportunities in Holly Springs

As it is usual in rapidly growing areas, the job market in Holly Springs is at an all-time high. This pairs up well with the notion that the median income is $94,452, which is one of the highest for a municipality in the state. There are small and big businesses constantly opening in Holly Springs as a result of the economic boom in the North Carolina Triangle. This is also accompanied by the fact that the costs of living are desirably low. The average rent price ranges between $701 to $1000 according to Rentcafe. However, house prices are going up by the year. The average home price is $299,800 which is 4.5% higher than the previous year. This is probably because of its rapid growth and investors realizing that the town is a good selling ground. So, if you are into real estate, consider buying property in Holly Springs!

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Moving to Holly Springs, NC means making money!

Education in Holly Springs

If you are moving to Holly Springs with a family, you need to consider education for your children. Education is one of the most important things that a parent needs to offer to a child. The town of Holly Springs has got you covered! The town’s motto is “putting families first!” by placing emphasis on the children. Bloomberg Businessweek named the town as the best place in North Carolina to raise kids, and it was accompanied by who said that Holly Springs is the best place for home ownership, and placed it on top of the list of the best North Carolina towns for young families!

It was only a matter of time considering Wake County’s wide array of great public schools. The crime rate is also very low, almost non-existent which makes it an increasingly popular place to live. All the elementary schools, middle schools, and the Holly Springs High School are located within walking distance of most of the living areas. Activities for children include the North Main Athletic Complex, several different parks for recreation and exploration and even a skate park! The town is one of the best for raising your children!

Quality of life in Holly Springs

The rapid growth in business in the Research Triangle has granted a lot of popularity for opening small businesses. When considering the town organization itself it is also a thing of beauty. It is a family-centered community where you can enjoy your hobbies and life in general. With a plethora of parks, cultural centers, a recreational center, picnic shelters, and even a lake, this place is bound to make you relax and enjoy. There are many art, athletics, and nature education events happening in town, and you can view all of that on the town website. The website is very up to date and they provide feedback to your requests regularly. Visit their official website here.

For golf enthusiasts, there are two courses in Holly Springs. The Devil’s Ridge and 12 oaks, parts of the Sunset Ridge community, and 687 acres 12 Oaks community, respectively. There are also tennis courts and walking trails where you can enjoy tossing the ball over the net or hiking, and also pools where you can take a dip. These communities are private but we doubt you will have any trouble joining them and gaining access to these club privileges.

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Holly Springs is all about local events.


Holly Springs is one of those rapidly growing towns, but still containing the feeling of a small peaceful town. It is one of the best places to raise children and find a job. The door to this sanctuary in North Carolina is open. Now strike swift as a lion, and act like Moving Kings NC! Good luck with your moivng to Holly Springs project!

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