Ohio cities popular among Europeans

Considering moving to Ohio in the future? Moving to the USA from Europe is a long process and it requires a lot of preparations. One of the first steps is to choose a place where to move. America is a big country, so the options are endless. If you have chosen Ohio as your future home, you should know that is not the end of making decisions. Which Ohio cities are popular among Europeans and where best to move as a European? Also, choosing a place where to move is not the only part of the moving process. Getting a visa, finishing all the paperwork, researching differences in social culture between the USA and Europe, organizing transportation of your items, or saying goodbye to your friends and family.

Why move to Ohio? What to know about this state before moving there?

What Ohio has to offer and why Europeans are moving to Ohio? There are some facts to know before starting a new life there, so you will be properly prepared for this big change. Some of the pros of moving to Ohio are:

  • Affordable costs of living compared to other states in the USA. Explore costs of living in the USA and particularly in OH, and you will see that cities like Columbus and Cincinnati have affordable housing and other costs too.
  • Natural beauties such as Lake Erie and the Appalachian Mountains where you can enjoy and spend free time in nature. Some of the Ohio cities popular among Europeans are popular because of nature. 
  • The economy is strong in OH because this state is known for manufacturing.
  • Ohio does not have natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes, so it is a very safe place where you may live.
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Visit Ohio as a tourist and you will see how this state is beautiful and a good place for living

Housing market

The median home value in Ohio is $141,000 which is affordable for the US standard. The mean rent per month is $670 for a one-bedroom apartment and around $860 for a two-bedroom apartment. Luckily for you, this state is in the top three most affordable states when it comes to housing. Some of the places with low rent in Ohio are Bellevue, Hubbard, Martins, Englewood, Van Wert, and Kenton. If you haven’t found a home yet, or your new house is small for all your items, consider renting a long-term storage unit in OH and a secure unit for your possessions.

Costs of living

Property taxes are 1.57%, sales taxes are 5.75%, and state income taxes are between 0% and 5%. Those are some of the costs, but of course, there is rent, utility costs, food, transportations, etc. Costs are one of the biggest concerns when moving to a new place, even when people are moving within the same country or state. Ohio is around 12% cheaper than other states in the US. 

Job market and economy

Job is the main reason why Europeans are moving to the USA. The median income here is around $30,000. Top industries are agriculture, manufacturing, construction, mining, and retail. 

The list of Ohio cities popular among Europeans

Following is the list of cities in Ohio to consider if you are moving here as a European.

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Explore cities in Ohio and choose one to be your future home

Grandview Heights

The unemployment rate in Grandview Heights is only 2% and it is one of the main reasons why people love to live here. It is a neighborhood of Columbus, with a population of about 20,000. Columbus is one of the Ohio cities popular among Europeans, so explore its neighborhoods and find “your” group of people.


Gahanna is a suburb of Columbus you should consider if you are moving with kids and you want a safe place with good schools and affordable housing. Explore this small place and the housing options here. Also, find a practical solution for extra items after moving and your items will be in a safe place. 


Considering moving to Cincinnati, then explore Madeira as one of the best places in this city area. It offers residents a rural feel and if you want to live in a quiet place, this is it. Housing is very affordable, and Madeira is a family-friendly place.

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Choose where to move and organize your Ohio relocation like a pro

Upper Arlington

Upper Arlington has a lot of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, parks, and other places where to go, so you won’t be bored here. It is one of the best places in OH for young professionals because of the strong job market. 

How to transport your items in Ohio?

After moving to the USA from Europe, you need to find a way to transport all your belongings to a new home, or to a storage unit. Because you don’t know the area well, and it is not easy to be a foreigner, hire professionals who will handle the move for you. There are many different moving companies in Ohio, and one of them can be found on zippyshellcolumbus.com. If you want a stress-free relocation, make sure to hire reliable and reputable movers from OH with experience. 


You will need time to adjust after moving to the USA. This is why you should choose a place with more Europeans, it will make the adjustment process easier especially when someone is from your country. They will help you cope with culture shock after moving to the USAAfter moving to one of the Ohio cities popular among Europeans, explore this state, find your new favorite spots in the city, meet the locals and neighbors, try new things and get new experiences. Of course, if you are able, visit a place where you will move to, before the final moving, and your stress level will be lower.

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