New York to Europe – challenges and opportunities

Europe is a great place to live in. There are plenty of different countries which means plenty of languages, cities, people, and cultural differences. This can have certain pros and cons. If you are somebody who is moving from New York to Europe, you shouldn’t worry too much. New York is a very diverse city. It is also bigger than all the cities in Europe. This means that you are ready for all the challenges and the opportunities you will face. But do you know what these challenges and opportunities are? If not, and you probably don’t, this is the perfect text for you! As we are experienced with these things, we decided to share some of our knowledge and experience with you in order to make adjusting to Europe much easier and more exciting for people moving from New York.


The first thing we want to cover is the challenges that you are going to face most likely. There aren’t plenty of them but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be discussed. Knowing what the difficulties might be after moving from New York to Europe can make the whole experience much easier. It isn’t going to be easy but at least it can be made a bit easier to get used to this transition. Moving to one of the cities in Europe similar to New York is a good way to make this transition a bit easier to handle.

A map of Europe to choose your new home place once you opt for New York to Europe relocation.
Europe had thousands of different cities for you to choose from.


If not moving to the United States, you will be facing certain language issues. Almost every European country speaks a different language. In France, you have French and only French. In Switzerland, you can speak French, Italian, and German. Belgium is where you can also speak French or Dutch. Poland has Polish, Hungary has Hungarian, and so on. There are plenty of different countries and plenty of different languages.

Have in mind that no matter where you move to, people will speak English. Not everyone but most people do speak English even if it isn’t their native. But at some point, you will need to speak to somebody who can’t say a word in English. And this is when a challenge will occur.

You will also be challenged in the store if there is no labeling written in English. In public transport, there isn’t always going to be a sign written in English, at least not in all countries in Europe. At least the TV programs in English are easy to find, right? Wrong, sadly. A lot of European countries dub English cartoons and movies into their own languages. This will make things a bit harder for you but why not put in the effort to learn a foreign language? It can be very helpful.

The process of moving

The process of moving from New York to Europe is a challenge itself. And a big one! This is why you are going to need allies on every step of the way. Professional assistance when moving internationally is more than important, it is obligatory. Moving to another continent without the help of a moving company can lead to a disaster. Moving is complicated and a lot of tasks come with relocation. Especially when it is international and intercontinental moving we are talking about. This is a serious feat and it requires professionals as well as some moving tips.

Have movers relocate \your belongings from New York to Europe.


After you have successfully moved from New York to Europe with a reliable moving company such as U. Santini Moving and Storage, you are ready to start searching for new opportunities that await you. And it is exactly the next thing we want to tell you more about – some of the amazing opportunities you will be able to have after moving from New York to Europe. You won’t regret moving abroad if moving to Europe, for sure.

Learn a new language

As we already mentioned, the language is going to be a challenge. But it is up to you how you are going to handle this. If you are going to be lazy and not put in the effort to learn a new language, that is your decision. But this means that you are almost always at the risk of having to face a challenge. Learning a new language is an opportunity you will have after moving to any European country.

Meet a lot of new people

Believe it or not, people in Europe are much different than the people in New York. Even though you do see a lot of Europeans in NYC, it isn’t the same. This is “their territory” and it is where they feel at home. This makes them more open and welcoming which is exactly what most Europeans are. And sadly, this isn’t the case in New York.

This means that you have the opportunity to meet a lot of new and exciting people. And you certainly will! Europeans are hospitable and a big part of hospitality is letting people stay in their homes as long as possible. This is why there are a lot of backpackers coming from the United States to Europe.

A street in a European city.
European cities are always lively and full of people.

Try some amazing food you haven’t tried before

Another amazing opportunity you will have after moving to Europe is trying new food that you haven’t tried before. There is plenty of it! Each country, province, city, mountain, and plain that you visit has a different traditional food or beverage. This is what makes Europe so exciting and fun.

Learn a lot about culture and history

Europe is one of the oldest continents and is very rich in history. This means that living in Europe is certainly an opportunity to learn a lot about history and cultures that have been present for thousands of years.

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