New York City nightlife guide

You have probably heard a lot of times that New York is the city that never sleeps. What you may don’t know is that is totally true. Many say that New York City nightlife is unique and the best in the world. After you stroll the streets of this amazing town, you can see it for yourself. Of course, a little guidance always comes handy, especially when you’re moving from a small town to a big city like New York. Here are some tips that can help you explore NYC after the sunset.

What is your version of the nightlife?

Going out doesn’t mean just dancing the night away in the club. Nowadays, the options are limitless, and New York is the place where they all come true. After you unpack your moving boxes and find cheap storage units for short term renting, it’s time to relax and dive in into the excitement of the NYC life after dark.

In order to truly enjoy the New York City nightlife, you have to ask yourself what fun things you like to do after dark. Based on your interest, you can enjoy the great night out that awaits you. You can even combine different nightlife activities and explore the best that NYC has to offer from each sphere.

New York City nightlife offer:

  • Dining out – For some, great nightlife means having a nice meal at the restaurant. Everybody has its own taste, and NYC is full of different flavors to explore. Every borough is full of interesting restaurants. From classic American to the Ethnic food corners, here you can enjoy the food specialties from every corner of the world. Spin your globe, point a finger on the part of the world, and there are big chances that there is a restaurant serving that cuisine right around the corner.
  • Bars – There’s nothing better than having a pint of cold beer after the hard day at work. Combine with good company and tasty bar food, the night is complete. For all the bar lovers, there are so many options in New York. From the authentic ones to the fancy, hipster ones – bar scene in New York is very eclectic.
  • Nightclubs – If dancing until you drop is your way of fun, then you can be dancing all over New York. Every neighborhood has at least one amazing nightclub where you can let the rhythm take you. Depending on the type of music you prefer, you can enjoy at various jazz clubs, crazy techno raves, RnB venues etc. Opportunities to dance all night long are endless in this town.
  • Theatre and opera – For those who prefer going to the theatre rather than to a bar or a club, New York have them covered. Amongst many things, this city is also famous for its fantastic plays.
From the amateur theatre to the elaborate Broadway shows – every day you can enjoy interesting theater pieces.

Things to know before you start to explore New York City nightlife

Since you’ve recently moved to New York, you probably already felt how expensive it is. Whether you’ve used the services of reliable movers like, or you relocated on your own, moving to NYC was surely a costly transition. After such a hard process, you deserve to unwind a little bit, but be sure that you can afford it.

If you did your research about the cost of living in the USA, then you know what to expect after arriving in New York. Still, you may have forgotten to count in the expenses of the nightlife that aren’t really cheap. Don’t worry – even if you don’t have the means to explore posh nightclubs, it doesn’t mean that you need to stay in your home every night. There are very affordable nightlife options, that will show you the real heart and soul of New York City.

If you are a newcomer from Europe, prepare yourself for the culture shock when moving to the USA, since NYC nightlife is something that you didn’t have a chance to experience anywhere else.

Experience the New York City nightlife with a twist – go on tours!

Nightclub Tour

Why should you dance in one club when you can dance in many on the same night? There are many agencies that are offering a 5-hour nightclub experience. You can even choose the tour in a VIP style and get to know the clubs from that point of view.

Go on nightclub tour and explore the best of New York City nightlife
Either way, this is a great way to explore the best NYC nightclubs.

Speakeasy Walking Tour

After the spectacular failure of the prohibition in America, many clandestine bars and breweries pop up to the New York nightlife scene. Many of them exist today and they represent rustic and very interesting options for the night out. You can explore these vintage bars on the walking tour that is very affordable.

Ghost Tours

Explore the dark side of New York by going on the ghost tour! It is a really quirky way to really get to know NYC after the dark and discover the spooky things lurking in the dark.

A creepy tumbstone.
If you have a taste for the “other side”, this excellent tour will surely send chills down your spine.

Night Cruise

Admire the Statue of Liberty and the NYC boroughs under the street light from the sea. Taking a night cruise will show you New York from a totally different perspective. It will be the memory that you will cherish for a long time.

A cruiser - New York City nightlife is even more fun on the water.
Also, there will be drinking, dining and dancing at the ship, so it will be a true NYC nightlife experience.

Go with a flow

It’s nothing unusual in New York to go out with your friend for one drink at 8 PM and to come home at the break of dawn. Something interesting is happening in New York always. One minute you can be organizing your relocation with your Long Island based moving experts, and on the next one, you can be on the opposite borough watching the play in the local theatre. And if that can happen in the middle of the afternoon, just imagine what wonders the night brings.

When the night falls, all bets are off. If you have adventures spirit, you will love the excitement of the unpredictable. If you don’t, try to relax and go with a flow. No good stories begin with the “and then she went home to drink some cocoa and go to sleep”. Embrace the fact that you are in one of the most exciting cities on the planet. Take the full advantage of the diverse New York City nightlife.


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