Moving to Sweden from the US

Moving to Sweden is becoming increasingly popular and this isn’t without a good reason. The country offers numerous opportunities to both its citizens and newcomers. Unsurprisingly, there are about 65,000 expats in this country and the number is likely to grow. If you are considering moving to Sweden from the US, read on and find out all you need to know.

Things you need to know before moving to Sweden

Before you make the final decision about moving to Sweden, it is advisable to get the general idea about the country, the people and the life there. Here are some useful pieces of information.

There are some things to know before moving to Sweden.
Pay attention to the things you need to know before moving to Sweden.

Sweden is an eager supporter of the equality between sexes

There is no division on male and female responsibilities. So, it doesn’t surprise that men are very often willing to stay at home and raise children while their wives work and pursue careers.

Being late is a no-no here

Swedes are always on time and can’t stand waiting for those who are late.

There is a Swedish code of conduct you need to stick to

They all control their emotions at all circumstances. Going to the extremes isn’t advisable.

Learn to be patient

Waiting in a queue is a part of all businesses. There are small machines which dispense number notes everywhere. Get your number and wait politely for your turn. No excuses are allowed.

Obeying the law is a must

It’s understandable that adjusting after moving to another country takes some time, but this is one of the things to remember as soon as you have set your foot into Sweden.

Fike is a must

This traditional coffee or tea drinking with family, friends, and colleagues happens every day. It’s a perfect getaway from daily troubles. Get used to it and you’ll see the benefits soon.

Fike is the traditional coffee or tea drinking you need to obey.
Get used to fike with your family, friends and colleagues.

If you don’t speak Swedish, there’s no need to worry

English is the second official language here, so you’ll do perfectly well. However, if you want to fully integrate into this country, knowing their language is compulsory. The best option is to sign up for an SFI course and the problem solved.

Sweden is the country of outdoor people

Swedes love nature and they tend to spend as much time as they can outside. The weather elements aren’t an obstacle.

The weather is mild on the average

Winters tend to be dark and cold. Understandably, people get a bit depressed in the winter months. Conversely, summers are rewarding. You can enjoy long hours of daylight and moderately warm temperatures.

Legal requirements to handle before moving to Sweden from the US

Legal requirements will differ depending on your personal reason to move to Sweden. For example, if you want to apply for a work permit, you need to secure a job. On the other hand, if you want to get a visa, you have to be married to a Swedish citizen or be able to prove at least one of your parents is a Swedish citizen.

How to apply for a work permit

If you want to apply for a work permit in Sweden, you need the following:

  • A valid passport
  • A job offered to you – Your employer has to initiate the application for a work permit by offering you employment. Then, the Swedish Migration Agency will send you an email with the information you need and how you can apply.
  • The appropriate salary – An appropriate salary is such that you can support yourself in Sweden.
  • Insurance that covers health, life, employment and pension – Your employer has to take care of this.

Cost of living in Sweden

Although some of the most affordable cities in Scandinavia are situated there, the cost of living in Sweden can be pricey. Search a bit for relevant information on the internet. It will help you get detailed information on the subject. Then you can decide whether Sweden is the right country for you.

Knowing the cost of living is essential before moving to Sweden.
The cost of living is an important factor to consider before moving to Sweden.

Where to live in Sweden

Even though most newcomers prefer Stockholm to other cities, this isn’t the smartest thing to do. First of all, it is tough to find a place to live there. What you realize as soon as you start looking is that the demand is much higher than the supply. The situation is a bit better outside the city center but it’s still hard work. How about living in some cheaper cities and yet full of possibilities? Lower prices don’t diminish the variety of options they offer. Consider Solna, Nacka, Lidingo, Danderyd as your choice, for example.

Organizing your move to Sweden

As with any other move, you’ll need reliable movers here. Moving tips for expats can help you to be efficient and well-organized. This is necessary concerning the fact that you are moving to another continent. Understandably, the distance makes the whole task much more difficult. Just be positive and leave nothing to chance. Be happy because of a change in your life.

Finding a job in Sweden

To be honest, it’s difficult for expats to find a well-paid job. Knowing Swedish is inevitable for his. Even though your English makes you qualified for an English-language job, you can get it only if you win numerous competitors. So, give yourself some time to learn the language. It will broaden your possibilities immensely.

How to set up your finances after moving to Sweden

To start with, you have to open a bank account. There are plenty of local banks to choose from, so check out what they offer to their customers. Pay close attention to the exchange rate these banks offer. What’s more, using an online currency converter would probably be the best idea. This way, you will know what to expect and there will be no surprises when it comes to your money.

Meeting other expats in Sweden

Accept the fact that moving to Sweden from the US will be a huge change in your life. It will take time and time for you to get used to the new country and new people with a completely different mentality. On the other hand, moving to Sweden won’t be so difficult to handle if you contact people who have similar experiences. There are various forums and meet up groups on the internet, so feel free to contact them. Sweden is your new home, isn’t it?